MY FIRST REAL GROW!! (Kush,Diesel, Sage, Sour AK and Widow)

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    1. Sour n Sage - I got from a friend, it was sick and i revived her somehow.
    2. TH Seeds - Burmese Kush
    3. Dinafem - Diesel
    4. TH Seeds - Kushage
    5. TH Seeds - SAGE
    6. G13 Labs - Sour Ak
    7. Dinafem - White Widow
    8+9. Top 69 and 2 Sweet Dwarf, all 3 Auto-flowers.

    2000 watt HPS for flower room
    600 watt HPS for vegg
    125 watt CFL for clones

    Just fimmed the Mother plants, Trying to harvest every two weeks. Haven't started the flower room yet.... (They are on week 3?)
    Just wondering If my Sour n Sage Clones are okay. Dont think they developed full roots yet to transplant.. What do you guys think? (They are on Day 7)

    Is that orange burn from low RH/humidity? (Mother Plants)
    And if you guys see, one of the plants leaves are curling up, i also think its RH/humidity?
    When can i start taking cuttings from the mom?

    Let me know what you guys think PLEASE =)

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  2. Heres the clones

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  3. thanks

    i found out only 3 of my clones survived, the rest looked like it had rot? =/ first time cloning

    Got some new cuts, will post pics tomorrow
  4. Man u are the man

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