My first real bong...

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    I got my first real bong! I normally have always gotten plastic, bubblers or baby bongs. 
    Her name is Remmington, I got her from Des Moines, IA at a headshop downtown. Only paid $75 for her plus I got cleaner, another slider and some burning oil. 
    Excuse my face at the end...I tend to open my eyes really wide when I smoke  :unsure:


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  2. Wow. I really like it! It's nice looking piece. I got a my first real bong today also. I need help naming it though
  3. That's a nice looking bong! Hope you dont drop it!
  4. Haha I know. I already broke the slider lol I am not to be trusted. I'm beyond clumsy! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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