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  1. I found this site earlier this week and have been reading diligently. I love growing and love to read as much info as I can to help me grow the best possible plant I can.
    First of all I'm not a newbie at this and have had many successful grows under my belt. I've been growing for nearly 8 years on and off, and I'm on again, here's my setup:
    I have one custom built fixture I put together right from jump street. This fixture houses 4x8' HO fleuros', 2cw and 2 grolux and also 2x250 watt HPS bulbs built in. I wanted an easy to operate, lightweight fixture, all ballasts are mounted near by. Nice fixture that probably cost me $100,00 to put together, I do know how to scavange.
    My last grow neted me over 8 oz of primo bud from bagseed of really fine quality. What I grew was even better than the weed the seeds came from.
    My current grow is two weeks under way and I'm trying three different strains, all top shelf.
    My grow room is completely sealed, of course with ventalation, and exhaust. Temps never go above 80 degrees, as I live in a very cold climate and have to supplement with heat. This is my best grow room so far.
    I'm a real safety concious person, especially with electrical componants, don't need no fires, so everything runs on individual breakers.
    I'll never know it all and am always willing to learn more. From what I've seen and read here so far, I think I came to the right community. Happy growing
  2. Welcome to the city....i'd like to see that set-up if possible post a pic.....Peace out...Sid
  3. Pictures will be here soon, seeing as I never let anyone know I'm growing, no one except my brother and ole lady have had the pleasure of actually being in it and loving every minute of it. It will be my pleasure to post pics, stay tuned.
    TB out
  4. 3 weeks into veg and they are growing like mad. Pics will be taken when it's a good time, flowering!!!!!!
  5. My garden is turning out very nicely, everythings good and healthy and growing like mad. I've increased the temps to maintain approx 76 degrees, have small fans blowing directly on the hps bulbs, keeping them cooler thus allowing me to keep them closer to the plants themselves, plus an oscillating fan that covers the whole garden. Also have 3 one litre bottles dispersed throughout the room adding CO2. Am misting daily with a mild fert and completely watering every three days. Half my plants are a foot tall, while the other half (10 days behind) are at about 6 or 7 inches. Still shooting for new years to turn em back. Here is a pic of my fixture and one of my garden

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  6. here's that fixture, please excuse the quality of the pics, best I can do right now

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  7. By New Years day I will put them on 12/12 and change the two cool white bulbs with more gro-lux that I have. By far my most efficient garden yet, except for the fact that I would like to be using 3x600 watt HPS lamps. Room is completely sealed, I control all aspects of this room, intake and exhaust, temps and air quality. I just tied my tallest plants, both to induce bushing out and being able to get the lights closer to all plants. I have 4"x4" computer fans blowing directly on the HPS bulbs, drasticaly reducing the heat from these bulbs while reaping the benefits of them. Grow room temp stays between 75 and 80 degrees, as I have to suppliment with heat just to maintain it, and cool air is sucked in from the bottom of the room and all excess heat is removed via a bathroom fan located in the middle of the room, ceiling mounted by wires that totally eliminates any noise/vibration, totally.
    Please excuse the bad photos', in them the plants look like s#@t, but, in actual they are singing. TB out
  8. What can i say welcome to the city and i would like to learn more about your grow room because im building me one

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  9. I turned back the lights 11 days ago and so far have destroyed 10 males. Have 8 definate virgins and 21 possibles that look like females, not bad so far out of 40 plants from seed. The 8 virgins now are in larger pots and are doing great, no transplant shock noticed. My grow space is 32 sq.ft. so I'm hoping for a minimum of 20 girls, but, I'll take what I get and be thankful. I've been looking for some 8 foot tanning bed fleuros', I'm sure the ultraviolet light will enhance resin production or so I've read and it makes sense.
    Pics soon
    TB out
  10. Almost done sexing my babies, with more good news. Now there are 19 virgins and six more possibles. I was hoping for 20 girls and it looks like I'll have that with maybe a few more by the time I'm done looking for them. All systems are a go, now flower babies, flower and create those beautiful buds that only you can. Grow on people
  11. All sexing has been done, I was looking to get 20 females out of 40 that I started from seed, well I wound up with 21 all totalled. Everyting has been transplanted to bigger pots and growing like mad. I guess 50% is the norm and have proved it once again.
  12. yeah i've found that approx 50% will be male where did i leave those fermanised seeds that i got for free?? out....Sid
  13. damn man, sounds like you have alot of time on your hand, i wish I could have a setup like yours, I hope your work pays off for you in the end. Also, what strain are the girls you got going right now? or are they all just bagseeds?
  14. I have three strains I'm growing as follows: Females only
    1.Northern Lights/Shiva- 4 plants
    2.Mixed garden(from heavens stairway)- 1 plant
    3.Afgahni skunk (seeds from my last grow)- 16 plants
    I've been growing the Skunks for a few years, super nice bud and plenty of it. Just wanted to try something a little different, Heavens stairway provided the rest of the seed.
    All plants are budding like mad, I'm giving them Peters 5-50-17 along with epsom salt, and seaweed fert 0-0-1. This mixture works very well for me and the girls just love it I also use a product called BioBoost that super conditions the soil, and superthrive every 3rd feeding. I feed them every watering, actually am pumping them full of nutes.
    Grow room maintains approx. 76 degrees with a max of 30% humidity during lights on and about 64 degrees during lights out. More pics soon!

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