My First Popper!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. For those who don't know, a "popper" is a term used to put cut-off-cigarette pieces into bong bill-pieces and weed is added to the top. It is lighted and smoked.

    So my first popper was on my second day of smoking weed ever. I asked my friend to load me a bowl and he gave me a popper.

    I took the bong, lit it up, and sucked slow then HARD and I let out this instant hard cough right into the bong. That put pressure to the bong water and it all came out the popper piece and spilt alllll over my Jeans.

    I got up, dropped my friends bong on the ground (Broke it) and ran around yelling "I'm going .... *Wheeze* G-r ... G-r ... Greeen!! *Wheeze*

    When it was all over ... I couldnt breathe but i felt like I couldn't give a shit about anything I just did. :)

    P.S. I told my dad a dog wet my jeans as he was driving me home from my friends shack :)
  2. sounds imature, if i were you i would buy your friend a new bong bro Dick move not really caring, who jumps up like a retard anyway?
  3. your friend lives in a shack? are you from panama?
  4. nooo ... his shack is where we smoke weed ... part of his garage
  5. Damn, sounds crazy... but really dumb too hahaha...
  6. Hopefully your a man and buy your friend a new bong
  7. you have issues. if i was him i would make you pay for the bong and the "popper" thing you ruined, and sounds to me like you made up a story about a story but you really pissed your pants.
  8. Lets put it this way, I'm giving him my gas mask bong tomorrow after school when he comes over to my place.
  9. How old are you? i am going to say freshman or younger
  10. Crazy Kids

    Contrary to what the head shop tells you tobacco belongs nowhere near that 'waterpipe'.
  11. cut up cigarettes? really? cmon mannnnnnnnnnnnn
  12. Okay, as many years as I've been reading these forums I've heard the this whole "popper" thing talked about a fair bit, but I have never met anyone in real life who does this.

    There is something I don't understand. I've heard people say that you put the cut off piece of cigarette in the down stem itself?
    Because a stem is generally wider than a cigarette... so are you supposed to cut off multiple pieces and like... squish them together? Or shove it in there sideways and try to pile weed around it without it falling through?

    The whole thing is a concept I've never really understood. :p
  13. yeah....18 my your saying you got up, broke the bong, and then proceeded to run around yelling im going sound like your 10 years old kid, im sure if i gave my 5 year old sister weed she wouldnt have done that...cuz im pretty dure that does.NOT.happen
  14. When you first hit your first popper ... its like harsh smoke going right into your lungs ... its just a quick burst of tobacco that I've never had.
  15. You broke homies bong and the first thing you said is. "Im going.. green" WTf Slap yourself. If that happened at my house you would not be invited back.

  16. lol:eek:
  17. sorry that bunk happened, brother...

    y'all need to get off the kid's back, give him a break...
  18. I've never done a popper, but I occasionally roll spliffs with tobacco and it gives you a head rush when smoking it fast. I imagine a popper being somewhat like that. Either way, if you have smoked multiple times before, no reason to act that way. On top of that, definitely pay that man back for his broken piece. You break it, you buy it.

  19. hey junkiedays, i don't smoke poppers myself, but lots in canada seem to. so i have come across it as well.

    the downstem people are talking about are mostly those thin metal downstems on cheap acrylic bongs. canada has a pretty terrible bong market... mostly because people don't really know that high end glass is possible and available, since most blowers are in the states. so, one of the most common bongs you'd come across for any given canadian would be one of those acrylics. and ciggies fit right into those.
  20. so you told your dad a dog pissed on you while you were in your friends garage?

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