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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by riz, May 18, 2004.

  1. Hi, this is my first attempt at growing. I've planted 11 seeds (6 from a bag of weed and 5 from a shop in town).

    One of them sprouted today :D. I'm putting them in the sun for around 10-11 hours every day and keeping them in the airing cupboard at night.

    They're in a propagator at the moment, should i take the lid off now they've started to sprout? I read somewhere that they don't want too much humidity.

    I plan to plant them in the woods near my house when I get home from uni. I just have to try and sneak them amongst my stuff when my dad comes to pick me up - he's a cop - any suggestions?

    So the question is, does what i've done so far sound right to you guys?

    thanks in advance
  2. my first born

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  3. lookin good, i would grow them indoors till they get about 6 inches tall, and them transplant outside, after about 2 weeks

    but you should just leave the seedling outdoors, going in from out may be a little stressing?
  4. wait im not trying to be rude but your dadio is a cop, man that sucks, im really sorry for you, is he cool about that stuff, when i was about 14 i got mixed up with cops and my weed for growing it because of stupid neihbors, so be carfeful i know your not 14 but stuff can happen
  5. yeah, he knows I've smoked for a couple of years, and that I've done pills. All he said was be careful and don't get caught. I think he sees too much of it about and knows that he's not going to stop me by being angry about it.

    He probably wouldnt approve of my growing weed, so thats why I want to hide it. I'm not going to lie about it if he asks, primarily cos i'm not that good a liar, but if I can hide it until i've transplanted them to the woods that'll be ace.

    I came up with the idea of using a 2 litre drinks bottle (washed out ofc) for each plant - cutting the top off, potting the plant in it then jamming the top back on for when i transport them home (about 2hr30 in the car). What do u reckon?
  6. I want to grow with companion plants outside with no pesticides or fertilizer. This is how I do all gardening, the natural way of farming. My question is, how much nitrogen fixing plants, who does cannabis like to hang with? I grow semi-wild vegatables this way and get a sturdier variety with a stronger flavor. I live in the Illinois Valley of SW Oregon on the red wood hwy close to the CA border. I have several acres backed by BLM land
  7. wow your dad sounds nice mine is an butthole, i think the water bottle think is a good idea just dont let them spill and if they do and the roots get damaged you will need to put them back inand after a week or so you need to put dirt around the stem a little higher and it will train them and they will grow deeper and pretty much replant themselves

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