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My first pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sshack, May 24, 2010.

  1. #1 Sshack, May 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2010
    The first pipe I ever owned was a yellow-greenish sherlock with a Boston Red sox emblem on the side. It was, to this day, the best piece I have ever owned. I took it hiking, on walks, to concerts and parties, skiing, on vacations, everywhere, it was a veteran pipe, and had colored very well over time. I am astonished I had not broken it over the years, a Sherlock isn't the ideal traveling pipe, but it withstood just about everything, except a 3 foot fall on to tile floor. :(

    I smoked earlier in the day and it was Superbowl night, everyone was busy. I wanted one last toke before the game so I went downstairs remembering I left my bowl in my coat pocket hanging up in the hallway. Every one of my family members was in the living room, ajacent to the hallway, so I was trying to be as descrete as possible. I reached inside my coat pocket, found the head of the bowl and pulled, which caught on something in my jacket. It fell out of my hands and slow-motion ran down the length of my sweatshirt and shattered into a billion pieces on the floor.I cannot even register this...I am in survival mode, trying to swipe all the shards of glass into my hands before anyone comes to question the noise. I cut myself slightly and got a decent amount of glass shards lodged in my palm. I put the remaining shards (that weren't in my hands) of my deceased pipe back into my coat pocket, wrapped my hand around it and ran back up to my room.

    This lesson taught me to act slower, watch what you do, especially with glass pipes that you love. Anyone here had a pipe for 4+ years that you can't seem to part with. Deaths of pipes?
  2. wow man I'm so sorry. I've had a similar experience when my trusty spoon suddenly became intimate with metal train tracks. Always a sad day when ur favorite piece meets an untimely end.
  3. move on, toro time ;)
  4. my first piece lefty. He was a very attractive left handed pipe. everyone in my circle loved him dearly, and as you smoked more and more the glass change colors. then one day this jackass I wasn't familiar with threw him into a ravine because he "heard someone coming." I was just coughing. fuck:(

  5. In the words of Dwight Stiffler,
    "what a douchebag"
  6. yeah. so the kid has been the butt of many of our jokes, ex "don't be a fucking paul bro". whenever something gets broken, we call the person a paul.
  7. So after the pipe broke what did you use to light up after that
  8. my fucking 2nd pipe, of course.:rolleyes:
  9. I bought my first pipe back in 2002. I believe it was a California Color Changer, and it was beautiful.
    I left it at my boyfriend's house because he and his friend were using it and I had to get going because I had work in the morning. The next day, I went over there, and he handed me a flower and said "I'm really sorry."
    I knew something was up, because he was kind of a jerk and didn't tell anyone sorry except maybe his mom. He then pulls out this shoebox of shattered glass and tells me that his tweaker brother wanted the resin out of it and shattered it when he dropped it into boiling water.
    So, we had a tiny funeral for it. lol.
  10. my first bowl i went to the local bongstore and asked for the best and most expensive bowl they had. paid a good 60$ and got a monster 2 pound blue and green bowl

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