my first piece.

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  1. So I bought a new mini perc bong. It has a males name for one bowl and a female for another bowl. The original bowl (which is in the picture) is Dory the female. I love this perc. Let me know what you guys have. Cheers and keep tokin. 420

  2. nice how much
  3. classic stoner coffee table +rep

    Is that a hookah i see in the background?

    That's a slick piece dude. Way better than anything I've ever had :D
  4. It was like 65 and thanks it gets you stoned pretty fast
  5. And yes it is a hookah we have two hookahs and two bongs and three pipes.
  6. does that make your piece a shemale?
  7. ^Get some son!
  8. Nope just a illusionist lol

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