My First Piece=]

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    I just got this piece a few days ago for $35, I love it so much. I still need a name for it! :smoking: And I know it's dirty I'ma be cleaning it soon.

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  2. Van Goh it reminds me of a stary night
  3. Looks like a great first piece. As for a name um...Im not to good with coming up with names but I would name it Blue Midnight.
  4. sparky? no too unoriginal...
    edit: blue midnight sounds cool.
  5. you need to clean that thing
  6. Van Gogh may be it haha. Has a nice ring to it. :hello: Blue Midnight def sounds cool too.
  7. Blue Steel, like off Zoolander :D
  8. God damn, yes.
  9. :confused_2::confused::bongin::D;) =

    Rusty Ocean

  10. Thats such a sweet spoon, love the blue swirling through it. Looks like some sort of outer space dust was infused in your glass.

  11. i would call it earth and ice
  12. ahh that is a pretty nice little pipe you got there.
  13. why is the carb on the wrong side?
  14. Nice piece man.

    My first piece was a spoon too.
  15. very nice, reminds me of an old bowling ball I had, siccccck.
  16. Nice peice dude. Love the colors. I usually wait for the time to come up to name mine. Or when I buy it cuz it reminds me of something specific. But the zoolander name sounds cool.

    An just a little FYI. There is no specific side that a carb should be on. Ive seen alot of peices on either side. Im gonna guess for righties or lefties? But it dont matter. Dont mean yours is wrong bro..

  17. i have a friend that blows glass just like this, it looks alot better in person

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