My First Piece!

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    Got my first piece yesterday. It rips great. Sorry for the bad pic, my only camera is my phone. I'll get more up later. The perc is a 3 arm. I payed 191 for it. I also need a name. :)

  2. That's a nice tube man! I'm not the biggest fan of frosted glass, but that's real nice. Thumbs up! :D
  3. you have to think of a unique name yourself
  4. Call it white berch, as in the tree. The color combo reminds me of this heavenly smelling tree.
  5. looks great man ^_^

    but yeah its much better if you come up with your own name that makes it unique.
  6. Nice man. Quality looking piece.

  7. Its chinese, so not really quality. As long as he doesn't break it, it's a damn nice first piece.
  8. I literally have the exact same tube, colors and everything. Except I got it for $120 lol, from the 802.

    I dunno man the glass on it is very thick, I've banged it against some stuff pretty hard without even a scuff.
  9. You don't know that it's china glass.
    It looks like a good quality bong to me.

    That's a sick first piece man.

  10. My buddy just bought a $650 Volcano vape...we named it Kilauea haha
  11. I think I'm gonna call it Frosty the Snowman. Sorry if that sounds lame.
  12. Call it Jack Frost..then you can load it up with Jack Herrer and have a GREAT day :)
  13. Ah! I have it.

    I would call him Dave.

    Don't know why. He just strikes me as a Dave. But he's metro. He always looks his best, but everyone knows he's not gay. It's like that guy you want to be gay, but isn't.

    Like, "Jesus Christ, he has a lisp, he has the nice clothes, limp wrists. C'mon, he's gotta be gay."

    Turns out he's just weird.

    Not gay bashing here. Just coming up with a story for Dave. :D
  14. What are you talking about? Stoned.

    Nice tube, who cares if it's China, it's your first bong, be happy.
  15. No such thing as lame, when giving your piece a name.
  16. Just to let you know I named mine frosted flakes lol cause it's frosted and orange. Feel free to call yours that too :p
  17. ahhahaha def stoned. Me and my friends always make up little detailed scenarios when we blaze. Well i hope u and dave have fun.....but if ur puttin ur lips on a metro's tube.......umm nevermind ahaha.
  18. Got myself a SharpStone grinder today. I payed $57.50. I know It was way more than it should be but I didn't wanna order online. Also am I supposed to put a coin or something on top of the screen so it pushes kief through?

    Again sorry for crappy phone quality.

  19. No, that's what the little scraper tool is for. Those never come with a coins.

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