My First Piece

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  1. Went to a couple headshops yesterday and ended up with this:


    $60. Tried it out for the first time last night and it hits smoooth. Still thinking of a name, any suggestions?
  2. call it bubbles.

    nothing spectacular but a piece is a piece and its a nice one for your first.
  3. awesome first piece man, i bet it looks dope milked
  4. i bet when the little elbow piece between the dark sections would make it look like an oreo when it's milked up real nice. lol i'm way hungry n that sounds good for a name
  5. yea thats a sick first piece bro and id call it doublestuff
  6. u shall call it. squidward.
  7. Yea it looks really nice milked up, I like Oreo...think that's what I'm gonna call it. Thanks for the complements guys.
  8. ha ha if pieces were clothing brands yours would b armani compared to my first piece which would be like k mart brand lol
    so yeah tip top piece lad :)
  9. patrick swayze cause this shit'll kill you. [​IMG]

  10. yeah this is the best pipe name ive ever heard i think ill use it for my next piece lol
  11. Yea, it was between this or a nicely colored regular sherlock style bubbler and I figured since they were the same price why not get a double chambered.
  12. Damn. Your first peice > My first peice.
  13. my first piece > ur first piece..but ne ways sweet 1st piece tho, + rep man blaze
  14. that looks a bit expensive for $60 for that piece but is it a double perc?
  15. Ill pipe dude, but im surprised you didn't go dry for your first piece of glass.
    Anyway, you should post a milkshot of it, i bet the 2 chambers get like yellow when u rip it hard.
  16. Thats a nice first piece man. Cool looking bub.

  17. troll...
  18. Yea it's a double perk, solid glass.

    I think it's gonna get a yellowish tint with blue streaks in it after smoking a couple bowls. The top of the second chamber has a pretty cool pearlescent tint to it now.

  19. good for a first peice, seems pricey for what it is tho.

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