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  1. I picked this bong up from my local headshop probably like 4 months ago for $100, its called the turbine because it spins the water up to the ice and the smoke spirals into your mouth. Its pretty cool to watch its almost like GravLabs helix design heres some pics. Been ripping this baby 2-3 times a day since i bought it and loving it. Ill probably buy some attachments to add to it eventually 


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  2. Nice piece man!-stay green.
  3. Nice buy OP, siiiick
  4. Thanks dudes, i think i did pretty good haha. Anybody in the metro detroit area check out Puff Danny's headshop im not trying to advertise or anything but they're seriously the best. Gingerish lookin dude in there is cool as fuck and always hooks it up, and he blows glass so hes full of knowledge. They actually sell a lot of michigan made glass unlike 90% of the other headshops around here selling overpriced chinese garbage... always gotta support the locals! I've been dry for the past couple days tho due to being broke as shit, hopefully i can pick up an 8th tommorro and rip her shes gettin lonely in the corner of my room.
  5. dayum, thats a nice bong for just 100, your either lying or you got a steal of a deal from your headshop haha.
  6. My buddy got like that some piece for 110. Nice buy

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  7. Nice pick up man :) I'd definitely pay 100 for that.

    Irritated when I'm not sedated.

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