My First Piece (Story Tiem)

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  1. So this is back in 2008, when I was still a sophomore in high school. I smoked sparsely, but I knew then that it was becoming as big a part of me as Yoko Ono became a part of John Lennon. Or something.

    Anyway, my college friend ( who I have to thank for unlocking my mind from that musty cupboard of lies and illusion that told me that all drugs are evil ) was coming over to hang out and probably smoke.

    He pulls into my driveway and I get in. We drive down the road, making small talk and discussing what movie we were to see. (As we had decided to go see a movie)
    Except, that fucking bastard just fucking blurts out: "Hey, dude, I saw a Northern Lights coming over here. Wanna go check it out?"

    Now, the closest I had ever been to a smoke shop was maybe 10 miles or so. So, pulling up to the smoke shop already had me cumming buckets.

    Anyway, we get out, and walk balls-out to the store, enter, and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT OH GOD WHAT'S THAT LOOK HOW MANY BOWLS ON THAT ONE OH GOD- when I was interrupted by the man at the counter, who demanded an ID off of the both of us.

    I walked out after assuring my friend that I could just wait for him to check out the store. I sat down gingerly in the car, as my balls had ascended so far into my body that it seemed like I had ovaries.

    I was left a broken boy.

    Suddenly, the door of the smoke shop opens, and my friend, beaming, walks toward me with the most beautiful bubbler I had ever seen.

    The sun glinted off of it in the most perfect angle. It floated towards me on the arms of my friend, the angel.

    I took in a daze, staring at the curvaceous body and admiring the perfect sculpted stem.

    I shed a tear.

    My friend's voice wafted over from afar: "I thought you'd like it."
    To add a conclusion for no reason at all, we smoked out of it and saw Iron Man.
    And to add an overused stoner end to this story:

    (I'll post pictures if anyone wants them)
    (Thanks for sitting through this)
    (Sorry if this was the wrong board, I'm kinda high right now)
  2. "I'm kinda high right now"
    Couldn't tell... :p

    Nice story though! I'm assuming that your buddy bought the pipe for you? And pictures would be sweet man.

  3. Yeah, he did, like the total pro he is. Also, pictures:



    This is by far the worst camera I had to work with -.-

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