My first piece I bought

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  1. Check it out, it was only $12.99, bought it with money from my first paycheck. Definitely not the first piece I've had, but it's new. :eek:

    What do you guys think? It has a carb hole on the side of it. It's somewhat difficult to clean out, but it hits well, and looks beautiful.

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  2. wow yeah great deal there, that would cost prob. 40-60 here. she,s a beauty, have fun with it. i can,t wait till harvest time i,m sick of shawgg.
  3. Nice piece, enjoy it.
    Tell us how she smokes :smoke:
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    just got a new PURE bong last on glass.its sick!
    i need to upload pics meow,but am new here soo not sure how to.
  5. it's sweet lookin!

    - You should nickname is bongller
  6. um first paycheck?
    how old are you man?just curious not trying to be a dick.

  7. I'm 18. And my first paycheck from my first job, I'm working with my girlfriend's father in construction. It's generally just cleaning and stuff in buildings, but it pays well.
  8. my friend picked up an identical bub to this guy for a music festival he was going to, and he didn't even get it through the gates. it hit alright but the shape was very strange. we called it swollen balls, flaccid dick.
  9. i had that exact same piece same color and everything, it was my second piece

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