My First Piece And First Hit

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    Picked up this beauty a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to break it in yet, finally got a chance to hit it. It was smooth and I got no ash. It's not much weed because I'm runnin low but it got the job done I'm high and happy! :)
  2. I'm just guessing you were so high when you made this post, you forgot to attach the photo of said piece :laughing: Must be some dank weed.
  3. Damn, yea I was lol. I guess I deleted the pic of it packed but here it is after use

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  4. photo knocked my fucking socks off haha. nice piece dude. named it yet?
  5. Lol nice piece, but for god sakes man that's a huge piccha :laughing: I hope she lasts for you.

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