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My First Piece Already Got Destroyed???

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by RickyBobby117, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I was walking outside, my bubbler filled with water and dank, just like any other time im going outside to smoke. I didnt even realize that my bubbler was slowly falling out of my pocket. It broke into like six pieces. I only picked up the main two because I was still in shock that my piece was gone for good. This is probably one of the saddest days ever... :(

    Edit:Forgot to say that it was a really nice MediCali bubbler... And:

  2. I'll take a hit in honor of your fallen piece. I'm very consoling, eh?
  3. allmost the exact same thing happened to my new blue frosted bub:(
  4. wow thats sucks and it sucks even more that by the sounds of it you lost a bowl of dank along with it =/
  5. I recently lost my second peice. Best reguards.
  6. Thanks. I feel just sad and in denial. I cant even smoke now...
  7. How long did you have it/how much was it?
  8. Well that sucks that it broke and im sorry for your loss, but since it was a MediCalli piece, it was going to break anyway, they aren't made with quality glass. I have had pieces break that were worth $400 and it hurts man, a lot.

  9. J's?? Blunts...??:confused_2::confused_2::hide:

  10. I havent had it long. It looks new because I baby it and clean it with alcohol every few days. It was 70 dollars. And I drove to a head shop two hours away cause I cant find anything worth buying around here.
  11. Damn that sucks man. Just buy a 20-40$ pipe on the cheap and smoke out of that. It sucks when your piece breaks, I know the feeling :/.

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