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My first pickup!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Prof. Oak, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a new smoker and just got my first pick up. 1/4th for $80 what do you think? It looks kinda small to me but im new so...

  2. Looks like some mids, I would consider 80 pretty steep for a quarter of that but if it's your first pickup it'll probably get you really high anyway. As for the weight it looks about right because those nuggs look pretty dense, but it's hard to tell for sure from a picture. If you are going to continue picking up quarters I would strongly suggest investing in a scale.
  3. you'll get plenty high
    enjoy it
  4. damn my first pickup was a dimebag

    but... yeah looks like mids

  5. Looks like Sativa?

    Have fun with your first pickup! :wave:
  6. haha ya man looks like some pretty good bud to me. Have fun with it and thats a quarter for sure. 80 for a quad is actually pretty cheap so you should consider yourself lucky. also weed will look small to you at first lol you will learn how much it really is when you start smoking more.
  7. hey thanks for the advice guys
  8. :laughing:


    i don't think that i'd pay $80 for that
    but none the less enjoy your product.
    like cat said above, invest in a scale when you can.
    learn the prices and the variety of bud in your area too.
    you're new, but it's still no fun getting ripped off.. stay up.
  9. awsome dude,
    my first 'real' pick up is gonne be in a few days,.. Half a O!
    keep on doing ur thing man, play it smart
  10. K Fein :rolleyes:. Haha.
  11. You payd 80? a Quater goes for 35 around here and its the same or better then that
  12. Not bad... isn't going to get you too fucked up, but it will work.
  13. Looks like some good buds, dont listen to people on here about price. The price is differnet in each area. Extually, some of the best bud I have had was mids...enjoy your new stash and dont smoke it too
  14. my first pick was some damn dank ass ak.

    yum yum.
    Ive smoked a lot before but i was mooching to much

    i was what i hate

    wrap your brain around that.......:eek:
  15. Damn son, not bad for a first pickup. My first pickup was a friggin soapbar... god I was ignorant back then.

    Not much to say that hasn't already been said. 80 bucks for a quarter does seem a little steep, but seeing as it's your first time; no biggie. You'll get blazed as fuck off that.
    But yeah, invest in some scales for future use.

    Looks a nice pickup too. Hard to tell for size as there is no reference (next time take the pic next to a lighter or something) but from the looks of things I'd take a guess at mids, though as I've learned, it's impossible to say from a pic.

    Roll that shit up and enjoy!
  16. 80 for a 1/4 of mids is pretty high, you should get a zip (ounce) for 60 - 70 tops.
    Get a scale and learn the price setting in your area; prices depend on area.

    lol whatsup with the pokemon name?
  17. where the hell do you guys live that weed is so cheap? depending on where he lives 80 for a 1/4 is pretty good. a kid i work with is paying 20 for a g. the prices here suck. i need to drive about an hour and a half to where a friend from college lives to get a decent price.
  18. Its an alright pickup for your first, you'll get better deals 4 you progress as a stoner. I get mids for 25 a quarter but I've been picking up for over a year
  19. Seriously dude? 20 a g? I wouldn't even pay that for G13 if able to get the real shit again. Like, last time when I got it, it was 100 bucks for a single bud of it. Dude straight fucked me, but I really was wanting the bud. But for anything less than like, I dunno dude, couldn't see paying 20 a gram for anything. That's just incredible.

    As for the topic at hand, it is hard to tell from the pic, invest in some scales and enjoy it. Mids should get you fairly toasty if having little to no tolerance. And there really is a lot worse out there but check out the surrounding area and see if you can get something more affordable or worth the money. :)
  20. of actual mids?

    For the record, I usually pay around $25 to $30 a quarter for mids. Someone made a killing off of you.

    Enjoy every hit.


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