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My first pickup ever did i get ripped off

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RWK Nova, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. alright well ive only smoked once and i wanted more so i call up a freind who i havnt talked to in forever and i know he smokes anyways it was pretty dark outside and i had 30$ on me so we meet up and talk for a little bit and after a little bit i open it up and feel it just to make sure it was relatively to weed not oregano or some whit and it felt like weed and smelled like weed.anyways i sorta know the prices but not where i live anyways do you think this is a good deal

    30$ for this he told me it was 4.2 Grams.

    Im thinking its mids.
  2. It's mids. But, judging from the density....and the weird might be 4.2, or it might be somewhere close to an eighth, or 2. Lmfao.

    30 for 4.2 of mids in America is a rip-off, as far as I know.
  3. Well its not 4 grams...MAYBE 2
  4. #4 Decimotox, Dec 27, 2009
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    Not a TERRIBLE deal, but you definitely could have gotten more for $30 since that appears to be just some mids. There is a nug right there that looks dense and could MAYBE be 2 grams, but since you already smoked some, it's hard to judge accurately. Where do you live?

    In all honesty, I think you did get ripped off now that I really think about it.
  5. Its dense its not fluffy.
  6. Definitley ripped off. Well, we only pay $10 a gram here. But that looks like 2 grams tops. Depends on what you pay a gram where you live.
  7. alright well that sucks im getting a scale this week so i will know how much it is my next pickup and im proably gonna look around some more until i buy some but i mean do you guys think its alright for someone who just started and has no connects or anything?
  8. yeah for that amount one would pay $5 -10 and for $30 you get around a half o. atleast here in arizona
  9. Yeah man that looks more like an eigth to me. But dude here im Minnesota our shit must be expensive!! for upper mids it's like 25 a dime And you got around an eighth for 30? shit man haha
  10. if it really is 4g then its a good price, even for mids (prices are high here in nova). if its less then yeah, you got ripped
  11. You did not get ripped off. Dont listen to some of those people above.

    That one big nug looks like at least 2.5g since you said its dense. In my area, you pay $30 for 1.5g and youre not gonna get any other deal besides that. Enjoy :smoking:
  12. u pay $20/g for mids?
  13. That doesn't look like 4.2 grams to me but its hard to tell. I would probably pay 20 max for it though if I had to put a price on what I see.

    Edit: and by 20 max I mean I probably wouldn't pay 20 unless it's all I could get
  14. No, dank only. No one has ever offered to sell "mids" (do they even have that on long island?)
  15. That's a gram of mids. $10 max. Seriously, though, can't really tell size from that angle.
  16. around here in nebraska they make their money you get screwed buy mids like but what you paid for is about right. look at it this way 30/4.2= 7 a gram so you have people say 5-10 a gram so you did alright. can't tell buy pictures only a scale depending on the beaners though if it was alot of beens then yeah 3-4 your straight smoke and enjoy
  17. definitely not 4gs. But could be a decent deal depending on actual weight.

    are you in NoVA im guessing? prices here are very high but mids are unusual.
  18. Yes you got ripped off, pretty bad actually
  19. OP it depends where your from. I'm from TN an eigth of mids down here is $20-25 which if thats all the weed you got for $30 and you're from around here then you got jipped, NOT ripped off though, so don't feel so bad, like you said it was your first pick up, and look at it this way YOU HAVE WEED hahha.
  20. Alright thanks guys Like i said im gonna look around or more dealers i know a couple more people i could buy from maybe.also i ordered a scale like 4 days ago i wish it came so i would know.but the next time i buy ill know for sure how much it is.

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