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my first pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by canadiankush69, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. my new pickups, from my new dealer, nice count exactly 3.5, problem is is she didnt say what type it was so im wondering if you guy could help me, thanks.
    ive also just started smoking alot so ive never really picked up quality bud but she said this was kush and it looked pree nice so thanks guys, sorry for grammer im very blem, ty

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  2. If the dealer said it was kush, then that's as close of a guess as you're going to get. If it gets you high, you shouldn't need to worry about a name someone throws on it.
  3. That is Pedophile Pete OG crossed with Hawaiian Cock Knockin' Kandy Kush bro, 100% positive.
  4. [quote name='"NorCalPiff"']That is Pedophile Pete OG crossed with Hawaiian Cock Knockin' Kandy Kush bro, 100% positive.[/quote]

    Lol some funny shit right there
  5. Thats some Exotics, doesn't matter what exactly it is...its not dirt is all that matters
  6. okay well idk, just i really wanted to know if it looked like sum nice bud
  7. If it's a no name you should give it a cool name, my friend had a quarter of some "supreme tropical mango kush" and that was hands down the dopest dope I've ever smoked.
  8. i have decided to name it chili sauce kush, because i stole a little jar from my mom that said chili sauce on it.
  9. Where i'm from we call it reefer, piff, cannabis, ganja, green, pot, dank, nug, ad bomb diggity, grass etc etc lol names are novelty unless you know a grower or buyin medical looks good tho bro i'd hit it for sure idk why people don't take the time to trim their beautiful buds better anymore tho
  10. where im from its, kush=highgrade and mid=mid grade, so basically if you get bomb bud, we just call it kush.
  11. Sometimes it's easier to call it what it is. Marijauana.
  12. Lol, I hate when people ask us to tell them what strain it is, you cant ever be sure what a strain is based off anything but the genetics, not like smell, color or taste is exactly ONE BUD. You can make hundres if dofferent blueberry flavored plants
  13. so many newbies ask that too makes me , cringe every time like come on do
  14. looks goood! enjoy
  15. I really don't think its inconceivable to keep track of a strain name through the selling process...

    If your connect doesn't know the strain name, look for a better dealer to get closer to the production...

    Or you could start growing your own. :smoke: Then I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what strain it is.
  16. Every time a dealer doesn't know a strain name, they call it kush. For a shitty camera, it looks pretty nice. Smoke up bro.
  17. That is some outdoor trimmed mids.

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