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  1. hello. i am a first time grower. i have outdoor and indoor plants. since i live at home i wanted to grow streathly. so i bought a pc grow box. :)
    if u can give me advice and feedback that would be cool.
    1st pic. (4 days after ground break)
    2nd pic ( where it is)

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  2. any plans to lst/scrog? is this a commercial box?
  3. yeah i plan to add a scrog once they get older. yeah it was but i can say from where because i bought this off ebay for only 80 bucks. i thought it was a pretty good deal :D

  4. Looks like the little sprout is seeking more light. Try getting more light or positioning closer to the plant.
  5. thanks for the advice. yeah i actually did that right after taking this pic. i did that so they dont stretch as much and have more sunlight
  6. Nice dude I need to order some seeds cuz this bag seed I had for my pc grow had a 2:20 germinating radio:(
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    You know the seedling's root Is going to hit the bottom of that see thought pot too soon , you should of filled that pot to top with soil , It looks like you only filled about a 1/3 of the container / pot . . . you could always transplant It or take the plant out of the pot - If the soil is compact , you could just add more soil to that pot & put the plant on top - So the root doesn't hit the bottom of the pot

    I read somewhere that , If the first root of the plant hits the bottom of your pot / container - It will lower your chances of It been a female :/ . . . I always start my seedling In a big pot so I can get my hands round the root ball , When I transplant Into the pot It will be In for the rest of Its life

    Good Luck with everything =-] . . . I'll keep checking this Thread , see how things are going ...
  8. I don't get how people say so many seeds didn't germinate , If a seed Is brown & mature It will germinate . . .

    I must of found close to 30-40 seeds In hermie weed In my time - Every time that seed has germinated If It was brown & mature )

    I only germinate 1 seed at a time , maybe 2 sometimes - The best way I found Is 2 plates , paper towels & a mist spray ( 6.0 - 7.0 PH ) Some seeds take days to shoot a root , I have never let my seed sit in water - At all !

    Every seed I have germinated with this method has sprouted - All bag seeds

    If a Seed Isn't hard, brown & mature - It's more than likely not going to germinate , It wont be a healthy plant If It does . . . because the seed wont contain all the nutrients the young plant needs, to develop It's root system


  9. Well thats true the seeds I put in a paper towl didnt pop or the ones in a cup of water both left there for 8 days two germinated directly and when I put them in soil they died bad batch of seeds I think. Using fox farm soil and everything was in a 75 degree area but I got more seeds no biggie :smoke:
  10. @ Ford . . .

    Yh fair enough , But what I'm saying Is if the seeds where hard , brown - mature seeds , They wont of been a bad batch :s Something must of gone wrong when germinating them Or putting them In the soil . . . I have never known a healthy ( bag-seed ) not to germinate & sprout unless they haven't been germinated In the best way

    I have never let my seed(s) sit In water , straight Onto a few pieces of toilet roll spray a mist of water ( CHECK the PH ;] - 6.0 / 7.0 ) - You can buy spring water from your local shop , Which will have the PH level on the back . . .

    Here's a Link to what I know as The best way to Germinate seed(s) - CLICK ME
  11. thanks dude I checked the ph on tap water extemly high I checked it on filtered water it's 6.3 so ima use this on these seeds I have and let there root have 3 cm and then ill pop them in fox farm. Maybe it's me but FFOF I don't like in the bag I got has so much perlite
  12. What you mean let their root have 3cm , you mean your going to wait untill you see 3cm :eek: of root - untill you plant It in soil ???

    Did you have a look at that link - Everything you need to know Is there , scroll down to the bottom & read about putting the seedling under direct light -
    >>>> CLICK ME <<<<
  13. Yes lol I see everything but I do the paper towels in a zip lock bag have for a few years works good never tried the plate thing is it better?
  14. Btw nice grow
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    @ : Ford

    Good Good , It's nice to know people actually look at the Links - & I don't understand the point of a zip baggie . . . the plates are for keeping the seeds in total darkness ( not to suffocate the seeds while germinating ) I've never heard of anyone germinating In a sealed bag :s
  16. Wow will foam plates work I'm gonna try your way. I've been thinking this whole time bunch of ppl did it like mine
  17. I dunno I would just use two ordinary plates ( keep them near a radiator in a shoe box ) ​
  18. Nice grow dude.....when it comes to germin, i just take GOOD, DARK, HARD SEEDS and place them btween 2 paper towels and fold it & put it in a baggie, dont seal it. I take that & put it in a playstation game case. In a day or 2 i see taproot. As soon as i see any size taproot or seed has split i place it in a hole i make w/ pen, about 1/4 inch if that deep, then just cover w/loose soil. Dont press down and dont water after you put seed in. You could moisten soil b4 u put seed in, but let it sit for a couple hours b4 u plant seed.

    You want the taproot to have to search for moisture so it can have ability to push seedling up through soil.

    U def need more soil in pot. With that lil bit of soil seedlin wont be able to establish root sys. And itll make it very stressful on plant when u tranplant.

    Just my know expert. But iam growing and have already and still am experiencing all of these things. So i do kinda know whats going on. Good luck bro and welcome to gc fam...holla!
  19. Thanks will do;)

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