my first outdoor puerto rico Sativa grow. advice welcome!

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  1. Hey fellas as the title says, this will be my first time undertaking a full on guerilla outdoor grow in my homeisland of Puerto Rico.

    First off, i'd like to thank all of you that have contributed to my learning through all of your experiences. I extremely appreciate all the knowledge passed down, from the basics to your personalized tricks of the trade. so, thank you all!

    A little recap on what i've done before grow-wise: I had some bagseed from a friend who bought some bud and he gave them to me. turned out to be an autoflowering strain that turned out to be a ruderalis hybrid. grew super small, i'd post pictures but I took it on my iphone and therefore won't post it. this grow took around 2 months-ish

    On the second time around, i saved around 20+ seeds, 7 germinated healthy and 5 made it to the outdoors on this huge 20 gallon pot I have. 3 made it to be female and two of them are unknown Indica strains and they look gorgeous. i've topped each one once in the main shoot and twice in other bud sites. still waiting on this harvest, since they automatically flowered on me.

    This time around, I was diving more into the Grasscity Forums and eventually decided on buying Maui Waui, Nevilles Haze, 2 pounder and Walkabout.

    Now, for the photoperiod that happens down here is 11/13 to 13/11.

    my question is a simple one, when do I plant these babies? will the Sativas start vegging once the transition to 13/11 begins or can I plant it whenever?

    I'll be keeping you guys posted on the grow as it develops, like I said, any advice appreciated!

  2. hey dude how is the grow going in puerto rico
  3. One of the most important things to growing good herb is to monitor the pH of you fresh water and nutrient solution. The best way to do this is to fill a garbage can up with water the night before watering. The day you are going to water check the pH of the water before you water. Mine comes out of the tap at around 8.0 and needs to be lowered to 6.5 to prevent nutrient lockout. This is a good way to check you pH and make adjustments if needed
    General Hydroponics pH Control Kit General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
  4. going great, the maui is already in the ground and so is the walkabout. the seedlings love all the sun and water they're getting. in the next few days, im gonna pluck in some Autos and im currently between which hazes to plant. I'll possibly throw in the Nevillez and super silver haze. any of you guys have any experience with Hawaiin snow?
  5. I am in Puerto Rico as well, growing maui waui from attitude. she is a very hungry plant. some insect made holes on some of the leaves. but so far she looks happy
  6. awesome, are you growing her outside? what do you feed her?
  7. yes outdoors, i feed her biogrow. organic
  8. where do you buy it?
  9. Hi dude just asking aboute the seeds.attitude is safe to order in pr:D

  10. Yes it is safe. get the stealth shipping. i got the nutes from hydroponics pr in san juan they sell good soil.
  11. [quote name='"crayc"']

    Yes it is safe. get the stealth shipping. i got the nutes from hydroponics pr in san juan they sell good soil.[/quote]

    organic nutes?
  12. yes they sell organic
  13. Thx for the info I will check it out and probaly get me some blue mystic thinkig of going hydro with it

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