My first outdoor plant and questions

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    First time farmer here. Strain is Amnesia Hashplant.
    I believe she's about 4 weeks into flower. (does that look correct?)
    I have used only Roots Organic soil, no extra nutes as of yet. I up potted twice.
    A couple of questions:
    1. I want to use BioBizz BioGrow and BioBloom from now until harvest. Is that a good idea, and if so, do I start low, since it will be the first liquid nutes it's had? kind of confused on how to begin. Don't want to mess it up now.
    2. I know that when the trichome's turn milky, it's time to harvest. I don't want to harvest early and am having a hard time seeing their color at this point. According to info, this plant isn't supposed to harvest until early Sept. Any advice on other indicators to look for on when to harvest would be appreciated.


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  2. start at 1/4 strength...see how it goes..then go to half...I've never used bio bizz but I know it's strong...feel the plant out íts easier to correct an underfed plant rather than having to correct one that is overfed..


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  3. Some folks like to wait till the trichomes are about 50/50 Milkey and Amber. That's my preference.
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  4. Just buy maxibloom and start at half tsp. You can literally just grow with that from a to b
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  5. My buddy swears by it. He literally grows thigh sized nugs with that. Said not to buy anything else. Maybe silica.
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  6. Literally thigh sized lol. Like on Vice. Pretty sure it's genetics too but that's what he uses. I'd use it too but hesitant to use heavy salt nutes since I'm in the ground with clay underneath. Afraid it'll collect. You should be good though
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  7. I'm getting my butt kicked by spider mites on one plant. Been using spinosad and GH Azamax, but can't seem to get them under control. I spotted the little spots and got mu loupe out and sure enough. Little suckers. Just all of a sudden too.
  8. There's a tree nearby that has them now. I'm gonna inspect tomorrow. Pretty sure they're gonna hitch hike a ride if not already. Does spinosad really kill spider mites? It says it on the front of my bottle of Captain jack but in the booklet it never mentions them, just everything else but mites
  9. I noticed that some of your hairs were red. Doesn't that mean it's been pollinated or just normal outdoors? Have u split a calyx to check if seeds are forming? I noticed it on mine too. Looks just like yours but nothing inside the calyx.
  10. I'm gonna spray some real stuff on the tree and surrounding plants. Prob something from Bayer at department store. I'm not gonna mess around with these mites. Gonna nuke them as hard as possible from the very beginning. I'll prob spill some soapy water till it gets foamy under the tree to catch the runners. If you can find where they're coming from THEN I'd suggest to do the same or something similar. Dont just treat your weed plant.

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