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  1. Hey I am growing my first outdoor plant I have tried growing indoors but wasn't successful and wanted to try growing outdoors. This has been greatly successful so far. The plant I chose was the greenhouse, great white shark feminised single seed. I started in may and live in the UK, I have some photos of the plant that I will attach when this Android app let's me or when I can find my phones usb lead . But as I am new to growing I have read lots about it but could do with some advise and tips to help produce a bigger yeild. I am also unsure of when flowering will start and what to look out for when it does start as none of my previous grows made it this far and died after a few weeks. So if someone can help me along with this it would be great :) thanks

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    Here are some more pics

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  3. My first grow to man. That plants looking great looks very very healthy. But on the sexing issue ur having. When its a female it will show lil white hairs. Males will grow pollen sac lil green sacks on the plant.
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    Thanks these pics are about a week old I will put new ones up tomorrow as its too dark to take some now. And I know about the little white hairs and its defiantly female as its a feminised seed I was wondering about when will it start flowering as I been reading up and it says harvest will be late September. And I thought plants take about two months to fully flower but nothing has started from what I can tell does it show any signs that its going into flowering apart from the white hairs
  5. Google marijuana preflowers.are ubusing any nutes. Im not but ive looked into em just to poor to get any thing. But blood and bone meal are good. Black strap molases i hear helps to
  6. I'm not using any nutes not once as to skint lol. I can pick up blood and bone meal from local shop cheep so will pick some up. also I will look up preflowers thanks :)
  7. Bat Guano/seabird guano are inexpensive,($8-10per bag) and if you can get some different types,(mexican, jamaican, indonesian) theyll be good for either veg or flowering. High Nitrogen w/lower P and K values for vegetative growth, and a low N/high P and K for flowering...If you can transplant into some larger pots u will be happier too, youll see better yields....Big Ups to Great Britain!
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    Hey thanks mate will look into it and can you explain more about low n/ high k and p as I said I'm rather new to this. I also taken some more photos of my plant hope you like them, also I'm sure my plant has preflowers but my camera to shit to see them as they so small.Also about bat guano can you pick it up in gardening stores or does it need to be bought online. :)

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  9. That really is a nice lookin plant. Wish mine looked like that.what strain is it?
  10. Greenhouse co. Great white shark feminised single seed for 7 British pounds. I got it from they have quite a selection in there seed bank. Also u have any pixs of your plant? Also what strain have you chose
  11. Ya looka at my threads. I just got some good ol' bag seed. My firsr grow also im ganna buy some seeds next season i just wanna get some seedtoharvests under my belt before i drop alot of money on it
  12. They looking good man how long left for yours?
  13. Started in may so till sept- octoberbish. Pretty sure its a female. Not positive tho
  14. Started same time at beginning of may
  15. I just looked at my plants top fan leafs and they got 13 fingers on one fan haha I thought 11 was the most
  16. Could be a mutation in the genetics. Idk just a guess. But mine tops only got 7
  17. Here's two pixs I just took its dark so had to use a lighter to take them. you can clearly see the thirteen leafs on the fan though. to me it looks pretty awesome XD

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  18. Ya thatvis pretty crazie. Where u from what timebis it there
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    Swansea,Great Britain:) we get mostly crappy weather mostly always really cloudy and my plant is as big as it is :)
  20. Thats good man hasnt even reached flowering yet i was just told that plants could triple in size that it grown in veg state that it does in flowering state. So ur not ganna have a bush ur gann have a tree :) ::smoke: :

    P.S your probably ganna want to get a bigger pot

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