My first outdoor grow

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  1. Ordered some seeds from a seedbank about 7 weeks ago, but due to the volcano my package got lost in the mail for 6 weeks and some change. Recieved my order last firday (may 21st) 6 days ago. Ordered the following..




    HAZE SPECIAL none of these germinated :(


    LEDA UN0



    Also got 5 freebies I have no clue what they are. With the exception of all 10 haze special seeds I managed to get all of the others to germinate. Went and got some fox farm ocean forest soil, some 9oz plastic party cups a couple lights and fixtures (2 26 watt fluorescents) and now, 5 days after germination here is what they look like.



    I will be throwing these outdoors in about 3 weeks or once they are too big for my box. Since these pics I have lined the inside with aluminum tape and im going to put in a computer fan and drill some vent holes. So there it is so far, will update with new pics after I get that fan in tonite!
  2. doing good hang in there
  3. Thanks maina!

    Heres some pics of the finished product, it might not be much but it will work till I can get them outdoors. Any advice for me would be great, I have never grown a thing in my life so we will see how well this goes!

  4. I take it these are not feminized seeds and you are going to have sex them later? That would be a ton of plants to grow to full size, But i guess if your outdoor space is not an issue and you dont' have nose neighbors. Good Luck man!
  5. Update??

    you started this 05-28-2010

    I wanna see what has come out of the like 12 little sprouts you had going... :)

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