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    Today is May 25 2013.
    I am conducting an experimental grow to see if the conditions and plot location will be suitable for my first real grow. I am fairly new to growing but by no means a beginner. I've researched marijuana cultivation for over 3 years before I gained the courage to actually begin growing. 

    I started this grow in late April, (Pretty early for my area) and my seedlings began their vegetative cycle around May 5th. Which tomorrow will mark the 3rd week of the vegetative cycle. For the first two weeks I vegged indoors under 6 (23w CFLs - 600 watt Equivalent) However I only started two plants. The second plant is a week behind and is now growing in my window sill. The reason for this is I've noticed the light output from the CFL caused numerous bug problems, whereas the plant is growing just fine in the window sill and I've yet to see an insect. 

    Now, my 3 week old has been moved to the outdoors. She is a little under a 8" tall with over 5 nodes. She's growing rather accelerated outdoors than indoors, which I found ironic because it's receiving less light. I guess the quality of the light is better than the amount of light. I decided to begin growing outdoors due to issues growing with CFL and the lack of a quality grow tent/room. When I put her outside, last wednesday, over 5 days ago her stalk was about the thickness of  a number 2 pencil. My plants are extremely healthy with only slight yellowing on the leaves produced as a seedling. So I decided those leaves weren't necessary anymore I removed them from the plant... leaving only beautiful green leaves. I was surprised at how the plant had already began to smell at such an early stage!

    I might want to mention this is a partner grow between my grandfather and I, and he is very knowledgeable about growing and harvesting fruitful tomato plants. Which to my knowledge cannabis can grow at a very successful rate if the conditions are similar to those of tomato plants. At the rate the plants are growing i'm not doubting his knowledge. However he is more fond of the idea of growing indoors than outdoors because he fears pests, or deer may find the plants.... which I don't totally disagree with him... but I would rather take a risk and get more yield than to grow indoors and have to deal with visitors, the smell, exhaust fans, lighting... it's just too much work for such a small task. 

    Currently the plants are in pots, and I don't foresee myself digging holes and making my plants stationary. I like the idea of mobility... because it offers versatility in the grow. I've noticed that no matter how much you know about cannabis cultivation, you still learn something new everyday. From nutes, to soil, PH, pests, deficiencies, pesticides, plotting.... it can be quite a handful to someone who has just begun. With my years of cannabis cultivation research, and my grandfathers experience, our grow has been rather successful. 

    Might I add that no one knows where my plot is, or how to get there. Only I know where it is and how to get there. My grandfather and I start the plants out for success and I take them out into nature and let nature run it's course. I will be posting pictures soon. Much Love & Happy Blazing!

  2. UPDATE. Plant is over 18" tall. I'm starting to doubt at 3 weeks that this plant is indica LOL
  3. Post some pics if you can and if possible and what size pot are they in? Also tomato plants can handle a lot more nitrogen then pot plants. 
  4. we don't use nitrogen ferts all organic braddah

    1 gallon pots
  6. 1 gallon pots are pretty small for outdoor pot plants the minimum recommended is 5 gallons. The more room the plant has to grow the bigger it can get but also less root bound issues. Their are fabric grow bags that work good and help keep plants from getting root bound, their are organic sprays that have spinosads in it that help protect against bugs as for deer and other animals a small cage around them when their small will help protect them as well.
  7. #1 recommendation from me is sprayable Neem Oil. Shit is so effective against insects dude.
  8. How soon can u spray them? Got 2 Og 2wks old or so 1369616598309.jpg
  9. appreciate the tips braddah. I'm sticking with the gallon for 2 more weeks though
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    I will defo keep track on this 1,
    goooooood luck man! B)
    i got 7/8nodes bro lol :p  which means mine are a bit more mature than yours :rolleyes:  hehehehehe looooook.
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    awaiting pics bro...
  12. how do you post pics on here???
  13. when you reply click more reply options then down the bottom its got attach files.
  14. the spots you see aren't a deficiency... i had a worm or something feasting on my baby... we got rid of the insect problem and now the newer vegetation isn't infected... so i'm looking forward to taking a few days off of baby sitting her so I can see how strong she grows
    Yo you in UK? and you growing in your garden just looks like you've put it indoors to take a picture, nice plant and great topping on top or fim i dunno what you did when you say Pintch lol looking good anyway.
    No actually i'm growing in the US.  :smoking:  but yeah i just moved it in for the picture....

    when I say that I "Pinched" or "topped" the plant it just means i pinched the top node to let the lower branches bush out and to make the stem split.... basically what happened is the stem grew up and i pinched it off & then the stem grows in a Y shape.... understand?

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