My first outdoor grow, tell me what you think, late bagseed grow

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  1. Tell me what you think.

    It was my first outdoor grow, and i recovered about an ounce that fell off of the plant when they tried yanking it out of the ground.

    I used no bought soil, just plain dirt and molasses during flowering, i sprouted in july.

  2. looks great
  3. Looks pretty killer for your first grow. I'd say a solid success! How's it smoke?
  4. smoked good, rolled a 3 gram blunt, got someone high for 2 days lol he had really low tolerance though, pist someone threw the few seeds i got out of it
  5. :confused::confused: Seeds, wtf. This pheonomina I am totally confused about. I never got seeds in any of my female plants, but I've heard of this. Sounds like something went haywire with the plant the seeds came from - like it got hermified.
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    Possible causes:
    1. Heat - The plant got to hot for an extended period of time during the flowering process.
    2. Pollen
    3. Crazy Genetics - Sometimes seeds aren't so bad. Some genetics might allow you to produce seeds while keeping some potency.
  7. Looks great! A few questions though, as I hope to do an outdoor guerilla grow this season. Was this a guerilla grow? If so, how urban was your location? How long did it take, vegging and flowering? Also, did you use the molasses only during flowering? All answers are greatly appreciated.
  8. No it was in my backyard and not an urban area lol
    but far as your questions though, i started in july and it vegged for 2 months, and finished flowering in 2 and a half wasnt done yet, but if it was a indica dom it wouldve took 4 months total outdoors, because i started and the end of the season just big enough to produce over 4 ounces, and understand i spent 0 dollars, you just have to make sure its growing nice and green, its a weed not a magical plant, just mist it down if its really hot outside, mix in some high quality tree ashes, just make sure the tree was not a soft bark, it needs to have bark it also balances out the ph. if things start to get yellow give it some nitrogen. and i only used molasses about a week before flower to finish to jump start things, trust me just by doing that, and making sure it as adequate sun youll be sure to have some frosty bud

    And i recommend no one else on this site will but it do, mix in a tablespoon of low fat milk, really strengthens up your stems, and helps bud development, also when flowering starts, topdress the soil with some ashes every 2 weeks or so, followed by molasses feeding. and make sure you start with 1 table spoon of molasses EVERY watering and build up to 4 tablespoons a gallon when your plant begins to become more tolerant of it, but dont over water!! only when the top of the soil is dry

    and for the others, it was realllly sativa some sativas just genitically produce seeds and when i said it had seeds, i meant like popcorn nugs on the bottom nothing else did, i just wished it didnt get jacked and finsihed flowering it was really starting to fill up

    Look into lst i really suggest you do if your going to do a gorilla grow, and if you want to learn a little more i suggest you read my posts, and see how my plant was :) Read all of these

    These or links to my first grow (good idea on how to lst)!!
  9. Be aware of deers if there in your area! and gofers!! i had this plant chewed up to about quater size, i suggest you put foil around your stem to deter gofers
    Also use neem oil throughout your grow to prevent spider mites and other pests
  10. Thanks for the info :)

  11. It can be quite common with outdoor grows. It isn't generally down to seed genetics more to the growing conditions. If there is a male anywhere near the female chances are the female will hermie and produce buds with seeds in it.
    Outside you've also got the wind to deal with, it can carry pollen from a male plants miles.

    That bud doesn't look hermie though, looks pretty killer if you ask me!
  12. Yea well there was a big storm with hail were i live, and it grew from seed to finsih with a 100 degree pluss weather, it was beautiful watching that small plant still standing straight up,strong as can be, wiithout a couple days of sunshine, then seeing some really heavy rain and hail still standing straight up.. she was a champ
    Yea the pic of that bud didnt have any seeds at all
  13. Glad i could help:wave:
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    Will definitely read all those, I'll be ecstatic if I get anything close to what you did. Also, which country are you located in, or state, if you're in the US
  15. Go for it man, and im sure you can pull these results! I mean come on, my plant wasnt even done flowering and only had a veg period for about 2-4 weeks OUTDOORS! you can do it, just go ahead and read thats what i did, and thats how i got those results.
    Im located in Inland Empire, California, USA
  16. Really excited! Looked through your other threads, the milk method is awesome. I've looked through A LOT of grow journals on here, never seen that, may have to try it myself. Thanks a lot. :)
  17. Go for it! try it out and let me know how it goes, make sure you dont use to much it has to be very diluted, and spread the word!
  18. Hey! I'm looking to do an outdoor grow, all natural. People seem to make growing a plant more than what it needs to be. I had friends back in high school that threw grew in the woods and got a pretty good yield. Thats what I am trying to do, but I'm hesistant about the elements. Things like sun (too much or lack of), rain (drowning the plants) and of course bugs and other animals. If you could shed some light on me...that'd be great.

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