My first Outdoor grow!! Some unanswered questions

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  1. Hey guys, Im new to posting but always used to read this site day and night. This here is my first outdoor grow.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These plants receive tons of morning and afternoon sun, the soil they are in is full of nutrients (I had tomatoes,eggplant, and basil planted here before) I also have some ground coffee beans on top of the soil bed as well as crushed eggshells to cover some nitrogen and calcium. (trying to be natural) They are all about a foot in size. These were also random seeds on some ish I had a while back..the goods. All females

    There are four in total. I also have a few questions for anyone that is able to help me. The questions are as follows:

    From all 4 plants how much will my yield be? In ounces?

    I feel as if I have 2 different strains. If you look at the plant that was cut it has a slim brown stalk, compared to the beefy stalk on the other singled out picture. What could these strands be? I believe they are both Sativa.

    Will I be able to transport one of these plants into a pot to bring inside when it gets colder outside?

    Thank you for all your help!
  2. Anyone have any input? This is my first time and i'm a bit lost.
  3. i would guess you're yield will be a little less than one ounce. you said they are all female, so i'm assuming that they are already in preflower and won't really grow anymore. it looks like you planted these a little late. next year try to get your stuff outside within a couple weeks of the last frost in spring, and they will be 10x bigger.

    And yes, you can dig them up and put them in pots. it will shock them a little bit, and growth will slow, or stop for about a week, then it should pick back up. the trick is keeping as much of the rootball as you can in tact. otherwise you risk stressing the plant too much, or killing it.

    gl bro, i hope that helps.
  4. thanks man yeah you helped. these were actually in pots untill my boy gave me 4 of em so i put them into the ground. leaves are growing everyday so im not to sure if they are in pre-flower or still growing :O

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