My First Outdoor Grow Plan!

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    Next season will be my first growing season. I'm really excited and i thought i would share my plan with yall. (Soil Mixes at the end).


    Vulkania Seeds White Diesel Feminized x5 (White Widow And Diesel)

    Super Lemon Haze Feminized x1 (Lemon Skunk And Super Silver Haze)

    Blue Widow Feminized x 5 (Blueberry and White Widow)

    LA Woman (Freeby) Feminized x1 (LA And Mean Green?)

    UFO Sour Cream (Freeby) Feminized x1 (Sour Diesel And G13 Haze)


    I am going to use the paper towl method to germinate them, then transplant them into seperate pots. The pots are about 3 inches in diameter and about 4 inches tall, and made out of compost. Once they get to about 3-4 inches tall, I will transplant them into bigger pots.


    From there i am going to put them into seperate pots, measuring roughly 8 inches by 10 inches, and 12 inches tall. I will wait until they are about a foot tall until i transplant them to their final spot. I will also top my plant, and start LST.

    Final Spot:

    In my spot i have tree and plant cover, and very good sunlight. I will bring 10 gallon buckets for about 3/4 of my plants to grow in. The other 1/4 i will attempt to grow in the ground, kind of as an experiment for the year after. I will surround the ground MJ in wire fencing, to fend off animals. The buckets i will just place, and if i find animals have gotten to them. I will then tend to protecting them, but in my area there aren't many animals that could be a nuisance to them. This spot is fairly close to my house, and I believe it will work!

    Soil Mixes:

    For Seed:
    80% Kellogs All Natural Organic Outdoor Potting Soil

    20% Perlite

    For "Conditioning":
    70% Kellogs All Natural Organic Outdoor Potting Soil

    30% Perlite

    For Last Transplant to Harvest:
    Same as Conditioning, though i will add ferts and i will continue using LST.


    I CANNOT dry in my home. So i have a plan to take a string, and make sort of a clothesline between these two trees. After that i am taking a fellow blade's idea and taking cardboard boxes, cut off the bottom, and hang them off the string, longways down. I will hang the bud in the cardboard, and insert a few silica packets into the box. After i have done this for all the bud, I put a tarp over the whole string, covering the boxes, and therefore, my budz. If anyone has any idea why this will or won't work, PLEASE speak up.


    Frankly, if i get to this stage, i will consider myself the luckiest man alive. It will be very easy for me to get a ton of airtight glass jars. After i put the trimmed, dried, and seperated bud into the jars, I will then close them, put the tarp over them, and burp them once a day for about a month.

    GC, I know I am probably going to be wrong about a few things, or miss something. If you read this and find an error or mistake, please let me know, I really wan't this to work. :smoke:

  2. so you're planning this six months in advance, excited ain't ya.

    The main flaw i see in this plan is that it is pretty ambitious. 18 plants growing outdoors in 10 gal pots and in the ground are going to produce a lot of pot. Even assuming 12 females, that's a lot of bud to dry and trim and cure on the down-low without being able to do it indoors. I started with one seed and got enough grass to last me and my friends a whole season. I cloned cuttings as the plant grew on the off chance the plant was a girl and damn if she wasn't. I wound up with 9 plants from that one seed.

    If it were me, I'd plant 6-8 seeds and propagate the girls. Save some seed for another time and get in a position where you can pull off a larger scale grow.
  3. If Chi-town means Chicago you might want to reconsider the super lemon haze. Mine have only been flowering for three weeks and I don't expect them to finish until the end of October. Good luck though.

  4. I see what you mean. I could do that, and thanks for the idea of taking cuttings, that would help alot! thanks for the advice.
  5. [​IMG]

    The sativa phenos stretched bad outdoors. The Indica phenos were short and fat. I have lots of pics I just need to find them. Try to get back latter.
  6. Cool!
  7. How much bud would 12 plants give you anyway??
  8. all depends on how you grow it homie.(the soil,nutrients,whether its in the ground or in buckets. etc)

  9. Uh dude......not to be a dick.....but i listed all those variables in the OP :smoke:
  10. Hey thanks man :D!

    haha the different fonts are because i would type something, then make the heading for another section of the grow plan, then forget what font i was at before...
  11. I agree about the drying problem. If all goes well, you will be absolutely shitting yourself with the size of these things. Don't be surprised if you have 8 foot plants with a half pound of bud on them. It happens, and will happen if everything you describe happens.

    A couple of other ideas for drying:

    1) Rent a u-haul truck for a couple of weeks and do it in the back. The cost will be trivial relative to the amount of weed you are going to have. You are a smart person, so I'm sure there is a reason ($) you are growing that much. You could park it somewhere obscure, and/or find a way to deal with the smell like a charcoal filter.

    2) Rent an efficiency apartment like homestead suites for a week and do it there. Make a filter exhaust.

    3) Rent a storage unit.

    4) Carefully select a partner with ample facility to handle the drying. It wouldn't hurt to have a partner anyway, you are going to need an extra set of hands and other resources to manage that quantity of plant anyway.

    Good luck!

  12. Hey thanks for the reply man! These are great ideas but im pretty strapped for cash, so i think a little ghetto drying outdoors is the only option ive got hahaha. But yes there are financial reasons behind my growing :cool:

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