My First Outdoor Grow a little small, pics at the end

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  1. Whatsup, this is my first time attempting to grow the devils lettuce. I germinated 4 seeds indoors back on April 12 and they all sprouted in small starter cups with just topsoil and some perlite(topsoil gave me issues with ph and slight root suffocation in seedling stages). I raised them indoors for the first month (In my family room) under 3 5700k 100 watt cfl's leaving the bulbs as close as possible to the plants without drying up their leaves. Once the root system hit the bottom of the starter cups I transplanted them into 1 gallon plastic nursery pots with Fox Farm ocean forest potting soil. After another week or 2 they started to respond better to the nutrient rich soil and it was also late May so I moved the pots outdoors. I was aware of the soils controversy beforehand but for a first time grow I wasnt fully prepared for mixing composts and letting micro organisms develope for weeks beforehand so I just bought a bag of fox farms and thought "well if they get stolen or die atleast I only spent 20$ on them". One plant turned out to be a male, I could tell from the beginning just by how fast it grew compared to the other 3 so I ended up killing him when he developed some pollen sacks. The 3 female plants are still in their nursery pots hidden in a bunch of overgrown weeds where they can get full sunlight and have been in the flowering stage since a little after the summer equinox. Its really amazing to watch the plant change from vegitation to flowering stage. When its young, you wonder where all the buds are going to grow then when the light cycle changes they just magically shoot out white hairs from the stems (pistils?).
    Anyway im going to add some pictures. If you have some knowledge you can share with me on how I can help these plants in this stage, I would be very greatful. Ive been watering them with just bottled water the whole season, a few times giving them some "organic nutrients" which was essentially just a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses mixed with like a half gallon of springs water. They probably wouldve grown much bigger if I prepared a grow site with some super soil and spent more time training them outdoors but this was more just a test run to see how hard it really is to not just grow the lettuce sticks but to grow them without any licenses and transport them without any suspicion on a low budget. 20190809_114134.jpg 20190809_114137.jpg 20190809_114141.jpg 20190809_114147.jpg 20190809_114151.jpg I took these pictures when I moved them into the garage overnight because of a rainstorm, they were moved back outside the next morning. I plan on transplanting them into the ground at a different location this week with some help, digging a few holes and filling them with ocean forest soil for the time being. Do you think its safe to transplant in this stage?
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  2. No, dont transplant now. We dont transplant while flowering
    Nice work you ve done there, keep it up.
    Make sure you feed her K rich nutrients without nitrogen.
    Take care
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  3. I agree with the post above...I wouldn't transplant now at this stage. The plants ARE small, but look relatively healthy, so for that good work! Take what you learned from this grow and apply it to the next.

    Happy growing
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