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My First Outdoor Groperation (pics)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by calvert0014, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Hey guys im brand new to the forum, just joined today in fact! A few weeks ago i started germinating a few seed that were in some bud that i bought, nothing special. Well anyways i started 5 seedlings in my room and later moved them outdoors to a small plot i prepared in the woods. Ive got a few pictures an a video that ive gotta figure out how to upload. I do have one question though, the seedlings are pretty young, when should i start fertilizing them?? Any suggestions on which fertilizer to use?? Thanks for the help, let me know what ya think!!
  2. Here are a few pics of what ive got so far:

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    And finally here's the video:

    [ame=""]zSHARE - MVI_1239.AVI[/ame]

    p.s. does anybody know of a better way to post videos on the forum?
  4. I'm still waiting fo the video to download. I would wait until June to fertilize your plants.
  5. any thoughts on the rocks?
  6. Are those rocks there naturally? If so how deep are they into the earth? That could be troublesome..
  7. No, the rocks aren't there naturally they were put there by me. Their only about an inch or two deep.
  8. The rocks are a good idea. They will help moisture remain in the soil between waterings.
  9. lookinh hood :hello:
  10. Thanks! Cant wait till they get bigger! More updates on the way!
  11. good luck pal, ill subscribe to see what you pull from this. looks good so far
  12. Quick couple questions. Where are you growing these? Backyard? Woods?
    and are the leaves on number Picture 8 drooping?
  13. These are growing in the woods, pretty secluded Spot. Hmm... not sure about the leaves drooping. Went and checked on them earlier today and everything seems fine. The only question i have is about the color, i feel like they should be greener, Idk what do you all think about the color of the plants? Would that be because of a lack of sunlight? nutrients? I'll have some more pictures up soon!
  14. if i was you i would have made cages for them and had a little better spot i agree with the comment up top...i think those rocks might be a little troublesome deep is your hole and how wide did u make it...the wider the better because in order for the plant to grow the roots shoot out horizontally...and you want to make sure u churned the dirt up pretty good to get a nice soft smooth mixture...invest in some cameras also you cant evver be too careful...
  15. Its Just a thin layer of rocks that i brought there myself. I dug out a hole about 3'x5' and its about a foot deep. Mixed in a bag of potting soil and thats it. It Was mixed together pretty good though. I might try and find some sort of cage/fence to put around them, dont want them to get eaten! To be honest i dont think anyone will just stumble upon this spot, gotta go through alot to get there! I do have one question about Pest control though, Any suggestions on a good pesticide or something to keep the bugs off? Since ill proly have to worry about them before getting any ferts.
  16. Anybody have any experience growing just seeds you find in the weed you buy, Indoors or Outdoors. Whats the yield like, could it be just downright crappy because of the not so "pure" genetics? Also, what about the quality of the bud, will it be better that the weed you bought previously to obtain the seeds? I would guess that the quality would turn out to be better especially if you plan to keep the females unfertilized during throughout flowering. Not sure tho, let me know what you guys think.

    P.S. I will have some new photos/videos up pretty soon, it just seems like they haven't grown that much since the last time to warrant an update, maybe it just me but the growth seems to be a little on the slow side... ha, going to check on them every other day probably doesn't help matters much tho. maybe i should stay away for a while so that i can be surprised for once.
  17. Bump, there will be new pics up tmr!
  18. Nice man. I am about a week behind you as far as where my plant stands. First grow, so I'm just using some bag seeds from some really good mids I got a while back. So far so good.

  19. To help answer your question ive grown bomb bud indoor and outdoor just off of bagseed. As long as you weed the males out the quality is already going to be better just cause you will have no seeds.

    just get some decent nutes and it will be dankk.
  20. Ok, so here's the first video if any of you guys had any trouble downloading it from the previous link:

    [ame=]YouTube - Update #1[/ame]

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