My First Organic Tea Mix

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    half of a 220ml jar of boiled banana skins
    half of a 220ml jar of random flowers 
    jar filled with slightly warm water
    left to sit in dark room temp - 48 hours 
    lightly filtered 
    added a table spoon of meal worm
    and 4 table spoons of Cyprus mulch
    oxygenated for 24 hours
    lightly filtered and stored. 

    half of a 220ml jar of dandelion
    half of a 220ml jar of white stripe bent grass
    table spoon of brown sugar
    filled with warm water 
    and left to sit for 12 hour before seal popped under pressure 
    moved too 1l jar left for 6 more hours 
    all liquid pressed into container
    *Edit: ( I now realize I worded this wrong I press all the plant matter to release the liquid into the container )
    oxygenated for 16 hours 
    lightly filtered and stored

    Both are mixed equal part 

    Diluted 1 teaspoon too 1 cup of water

    It is a small recipe because i don't know how long it will keep and my plant is just out of seedling stage so its doesn't need much now.

    I am looking for suggestions and what i am doing right/wrong? Thanks a lot guys :)
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    This link looked promising until I needed to blend a fish. Is there any other way to get good oils and fats that enhance microbe growth besides being that messy? Left over reptile skin? Feathers? Eggs? Thanks! 

    And i see a lot of people mentioning Banana skins being very high in n and k, was brown sugar still a needed ingredient in this or am i misreading?
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    Or molasses just simply trying to promote reverse osmotic effect with the liquid moisture inside
    And if you do use banana cut it with something else such as papaya, butternut squash, carrots, etc etc
    And I would say if you wanna use eggs get a bunch of them keep the shells,wash use a mortar and thistle or coffee grinder and grind down to fine powder,  use the washed/ mortared eggshells and mix total amount by 5 parts vinegar. let ferment for 20 days or so got yourself some calcium phosphate. Or you could throw into compost pile if you have one.
    gOoD LuCk
    Happy growing
  4. Thanks making some calcium phosphate now. How strong is it? What should I dilute too?
  5. It is 1 tbsp/ gal 
    And i assume its pretty strong never used it myself I'm in the process of brewing up some dandelion FPE's though its an all around good dynamic accumulator.
    But i would say you would be good its like making any bottled type of cal/mag supplement last part i kind of made up but i'm assuming its true just organic anyways.
    But good luck
    Happy Growing

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