my first organic grow 1 month in

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  1. ok lets see i am growing a few different strains right now its my first grow . i am growing 2 chocolope 2 purple trainwreck 3 orange kush 1 detoit diesel and 2 lavender the chocolope and wreck are clones . the rest are seed i was lucky enough to find from other growers stuff that i know. i have two C F L lights one is a t5 and the other is a little bit better built but basically the same thing i am using a mixed light spectrum i have regular c f l and sodium c f l running in a series 1/2/1/2/1/2 <---- like so both fixtures are set up that way i am using a fox-farm ocean blend and earth juice as nutrients i am in a 8 x 7.4 room that i constructed in my garage there is no ceiling yet because i still need to buy a few things but i am still trying to work it out with what i have now until budding then i plan to get the roof over it a h p s and fan system i use a box fan for stem strength and air circulation also computer fans and a white paneling that's glossed over on one side also a painters sheet for a roof as of right now (pics will be included) it helps keep humidity in the room which works great for now my plants are pretty healthy so far i did put them into lockout b4 i read on this site but this site and its members helped me very much in a literature type way and i nursed them back and now they are very green thanks . if anyone has any tips/ questions for me ill check this site everyday:wave::D:D

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  2. Can someone please move this thread to grow journals indoor growing please

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