My first oil rig setup 94 total

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  1. The actual rig cost me $75.99, with a titanium nail for only $10 more and a free dabbing utensil. It's a bubbler setup. Can't wait to dab this bitch, I will have a video up at some point. Just gotta get around to making some oil and picking up a torch. Tell me what y'all think about this, is this a good pickup??

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  2. Nice piece looking to pick up something similar in the near future. Mouthpiece kinda looks like a dick though
  3. Get ready for shit to get expensive quick! ;)
    Glass can become very addicting.

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  4. Word try you lhs can usually find good deals cheers to this ~
  5. ti nail for $10, i highly doubt it. Do the magnet test, if theres even a slight pull its shitty ti unpure ti.
  6. I really don't give a fuck lol. As far as I know, it's titanium, and it was bought from a trusted source. It was discounted as well. I'll try that when I get a magnet and get back to you when I do. It hits flawlessly, I made a batch of oil with like 3-4 different strains and dabbed out of this.. works great, and the dome works great, I lose no smoke and I get a great pull. If I had any problems in the future I'll buy a high end one.. not to mention this nail is super tiny, way smaller than other nails I've seen. All in all, im super happy with my purchase.

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  7. What temp are you purging your oil at? From the looks of it you are purging at way to high of temp. But congrats on the new rig and carb your dome with your fingers after you dap for most efficient hit

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  8. i knew i wasn't the only one that noticed that too lol. I always give my friends shit if their piece looks like a dick in any way lol.
  9. sorry but my reclaim looks better then that. 
    this is what bhos supposed to look like. 
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    thats my reclaim below

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  10. Yeah I left it purging at a high temp for too long, my whole house smelled like hash lol.

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  11. What temp are you purging at? Should be around 100-110 max

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  12. I've done maybe 20 oil runs and I usually purge at the correct temp, I haven't done it in a while and I just kinda left it sitting for too long

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  13. NOt bad, i think you could have gotten something better if you looked on a good glass website or facebook auction group, but if your happy with it, then thats all that matters, happy dabbin!
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    Go outside start the car and stick your mouth to the tailpipe...

    Who gives a fuck, right? ;)

    Seriously guy, you might want to concern yourself with what your sucking on. I've got lots of stuff from "trusted sources", but if they don't know any better either, kind of a waste of trust, don't you think?

    Enjoy your rig and your health... while it lasts.
  15. When it comes to Ti I would rather be safe then die(should be HE new slogan). I buy HE nails and at the slightest oxidizing, pitting, or anything that I feel could weaken the Ti's integrity  I buy a new nail head. About every 6-8 months. I know its not necessary but for my own piece of mind. I tend to over analyze shit.
    My friend bought a cheap $20 "Ti" nail from a "trusted source" I refuse to use it as after the first 2-3 months of use now it always gives off smoke or some shit like that when ever its heated. I tell him its no good but he feels he doesn't dab enough for it to be a concern to him. To each his own.

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