My First No-Till

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  1. Hey there, Ive been growing using organic methods but want to utilize the notill method. I enjoy smoking, but have alot of fun growing..especially organically putting together compost and everything. Heres my setup, would very much appreciate any feedback, especially regarding my soil.

    Soil Recipe:

    Sphagnum peat moss
    Compost (Biodynamic, until homemade EWC/Compost is ready.)
    Aeration (Have perlite/Red lava rock on hand.)

    Alfalfa meal
    Kelp meal
    Fish bone meal
    Crab Shell meal
    Oyster shell flour
    Glacial Rock Dust

    <Soil Talk>
    I understand quality compost is key, but any suggestions? Im debating on adding..

    -Pumice or similar
    - Neem cake (NeemResource)
    - Biochar
    -Basalt Rock Dust or similar

    Looking to potentially add a few items to my feed regime:

    -BioAg FulPower/TM-7** Opinions?
    -NeemResource Neem Oil
    -Malted Barley Flour

    600W Phantom II Ballast(Eye Hortilux HPS bulb/Apollo MH)
    4Ft8Bulb T5HO
    Hurricane Inline Fan/Phresh Carbon Filter
  2. This is my 15gal Fabric about 2 weeks ago, put her into my 4x4 tent 12/12.
    15gal seems like a nice size, but Ive been flowering in a 4x4 tent which is in the same room I veg in. Would 4 15gal fabrics suffice in a 4x4 tent, or should I try something else?

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  3. What's the progress bro?
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