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my first mushroom grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by salchi, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. hello GC,
    i just wanted to share my mushroom growing which i have just started last week. until now i have inoculated the cakes and put them in my closet with the water heater, where it's very warm. here are some pics./Users/ibook/Desktop/DSC02600.jpg/Users/ibook/Desktop/DSC02613.jpg/Users/ibook/Desktop/DSC02628.jpg/Users/ibook/Desktop/DSC02631.jpg/Users/ibook/Desktop/DSC02635.jpg

    i'll keep updating as much as i can. i used the PF tek, vermiculite (which was actually pretty hard for me to find), and brown rice flour, which i had to grind myself
  2. ok, it didn't work so here are the pics

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  3. nobody is commenting anything :( , but i'll keep posting anyway. i just birthed two cakes yesterday and put them in my terranium (i know it's kind of lame but it's the best o can do for now), i looked at them today and they're starting to get fluffy, hopefully i'll have some pin heads soon.

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  4. Hey man lookin good. May I ask how your doing all this? Did you read a book or something about it or what? How hard is it and how easy is it to conceal. I'm on probation... so I need it be be easily growable/hideable :)
  5. Its looking good^^:D
  6. i'm using the simple pf tek, the very easy version is here http://www.fungifun.org/English/Pftek
    and they're ridiculously easy to grow (think of it this way: i can do it), they're also pretty easy to hide, when the mycelium us growing i just stuck them in a warm closet, and now they're just in a simple plastic box (they only need indirect sunlight)
  7. Awsome.

    that guide is really informative and looks easy. Now when you say indirect sunlight, do you have a fluorescent light on a timer, or how exactly does that work?

    How many shrooms can you get from a cake; 1/4 or what? How long does the entire process take; about 45 days?

    And what type of spores are you using; and where did you get them?
  8. well no, i don't use any fluorescent lights or anything, just the light that comes in my room through the window. i really have no clue how much i'm going to get from each cake, until now i'm on the third week, and i think i'm going to fruit my cakes only a couple at a time to make it easier, even though it will take longer. 45 days sounds about right though.
    i am using some "golden teacher" spores, and i just ordered them in a local store, i think it's easier here than in the states to do this kind of thing (i live in spain)
  9. Nice man! Ive been looking into growing mushies for quite some time now.

    I'll definitly be checking back here from time to time;)

  10. yeah i spent a lot of time there before going for it, i must have gone through all the guides at least five times...

    i thought i should post a picture of the fuzziness growing while i´m waiting for the pinheads.

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  11. Is there a smell from them growing? I knew a guy who grew alot of mushrooms and his house always reeked bad. But I don't know if thats just his house, it wasnt the cleanest to begin with.
  12. mm i'm going to be following this journal!
  13. what temp are you keeping those jars at? what method of fruiting are you gonna use? what tek are you using? what strain of mushrooms are you using? nice to see other myc heads around here. good luck!:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    also check out mycotopia <<< MUCH better than shroomery

  14. Read up. he posted what guide he was using and told us what strain.
  15. What do you do after harvest; do you have to dry them; if so, then how?
  16. you dont have to dry them. you can eat them fresh, but dry is much better imo. you can either dry them in a dark place with a small fan going, or you can keep them in a container above a layer of dessicant for a few days to dry them up.
  17. finally!
    after days of fanning and waiting, i now have some pinhead development. here is a pictrue.
    the mushrooms should start growing pretty quickly now, i'll keep posting.

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  18. I generally estimate that my cakes will produce 7 dry grams each with a lot of TLC. That means submerging them in water for 18 hours between flushes, and double end casing them. (putting them on a little tray of moist vermiculite, and putting moist vermiculite on top.)

    The speed of the process depends on the strain and your grow and how much spore solution you use. PF Tek jars done with optimal moisture will germinate in 3 days. Kept at optimal temperature they can be colonized within 12 days of germination. After that you case them and put them into fruiting. The cakes will form primordia (little white knots of mycelium), then pins which will mature to full sized mushrooms. It can take 1-7 days or more for pinning to begin, and the mushrooms will grow to full size in about a week. I usually assume at least a month and a half.
  19. nice, lookin good salchi! keep us updated on the fruiting of your cake!! Ive been doing my research on these for a long while and have just finally decided to try my at hand at these...my spores are on their way, i plan on innoculating about 50 jars using a rye seed substrate so i can break up the rye and spread out in pans, then use the caseing method to mass produce these babies!!:D

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