My First Medical Marijuana Grow With Pics

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    Hey All!
    This is my first grow and first time posting on the forums!  I wanted to see what others thought of my two plants and the progress they have made thus far.  The plant on the left is Sour Diesel and the taller one on the right is Lambo.  I started this grow on 8/20 and about a month ago they started to flower.  The buds are getting huge but the pistils are still very white and the trichomes are mostly clear so far.  Some frost is forming but I think I'm about 2 weeks away from harvest.  I would love some opinions!  
    What do you think? 


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  2. They look great but if they need more time, they need more time. No way around it. August is very late to start outdoors. Can't you just bring 'em in at night?
  3. Nice plants. Looks like they are inside.
  4. Hey!
    They are indeed indoors.  I'm thinking I should net at least a few ounces per plant.  I think the buds are pretty big as it is and they will only get bigger for the next two weeks.  
  5. Sorry man, got the wrong end of the stick. When you said frost I thought... Never mind I'm a dope :smoking:
  6. Yea man those babies are gonna have to go for some time more until majority of hairs turn brown and start retracting. She'll pay you some good dividends if you let her rippen.
    Great job so far.
  7. Just watch your trichomes! They will tell you when they are ready. They look great BTW!
  8. UPDATE  
    The buds have filled out and gotten huge as you can tell from the pics.  How much longer until I can harvest do you guys think?  I know to check the tricomes and they are all super frosty.  

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