My first Lucid Dream

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  1. Grasscity, I just think I had my first Lucid Dream.

    • A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming. When the dreamer is lucid, he or she can actively participate ...

    Now you'd think this would be awesome right? Not exactly..

    I couldn't sleep last night and finally fell asleep at around 7am. When I awoke from my dream, it was already dark outside and none of the lights were on in my house. I was wondering if anyone was home, so I walked out of my light room into the darkness of my house. I yelled "Anyone home!?" and the only response I heard was from the echo of the empty house. I finally made it to the end of the hall and entered the kitchen. I flicked on the lights "hmm, must've burned out in here I thought" as the lights did not turn on. I then went to the next light switch and tried to turn the lights on in my living room / dining area. This light didn't work either "hmm this is odd, why won't the lights turn on?" I thought. I walked back into the darkness of the hallway and stared down the corridor. As I stared deeper into the darkness of my bathroom a white figure appeared from the darkness and flew towards me only to disappear right before reaching me. This figure appeared to have been a tennis player from the past. I cannot figure out why my dream decided to do this to me as I do not play tennis, never have. At this point anyone would've been scared shitless, because I thought I was really awake not that I was dreaming. This situation was so odd, that I thought "i must be dreaming!?" and stepped outside. "Yup." The ground was completely caked in snow, and I live in the Canada, where it is now summer. I looked around in awe, slowly realizing that I was in my dream. I looked at the people walking around the street, like zombies they walked with all parts of their body limber, arms swaying as they walked. I thought to myself "this can't be real?!" I felt my eyes to check if this was a dream.. Sure enough my eyes felt crusted and closed almost like I would feel them If I had just woke up. I then realized this was a dream. Everything seemed so real at first. More detailed than any dream I've previously had. I then thought to myself "wow! I can do whatever I want!" and focused hard trying to change my surroundings into something much happier. Didn't work, I was stuck in this dream and had to flow along with it almost like a mushroom trip. The rest gets hazy from there, but I remember this being one of the longest dreams I've had, thinking I might never wake up.

    Sorry if this was hard to read, I'm not used to typing out paragraphs like this.

    Do you guys have any stories about your lucid dreams? What do you think of mine?
  2. LUcid dreams make sleeping fun.
    I lucid everynight, as I've taught myself how to.
    I love flying around the world in my super megaman suit blowing up terrorists with my super weapons

    ive had some crazy dreams
  3. congrats on your first semi lucid dream. there is a better side to lucid dreaming when you can control all aspects of the dream. those are the fun ones :devious:

    if your interested in it read up on how to get started. i've been keeping a dream journal for like a year and a half and i have lucid dreams maybe 3 or 4 times a month
  4. I had my first lucid dream yesterday, it was fucking orgasmic, i felt like i got a head rush x10 because i was so happy i finally did it.

    God damn it was awesome.
  5. I've had a few,they make life liveable.
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    Almost every dream I have is lucid. I control nearly every aspect of my dreams, Im always aware im dreaming and I can decide what happens next, or wake up whenever I want. Sometimes I'll snap straight out of my sleep from a dream because its so fucked up and made no sense. The oddest dreams are the recurring ones I have, because its so predictable and exactly the same everytime.

    Here in about a week when I move into my apartment, im going to keep a dream diary next to my bed, and jot down everything that comes to mind, I have some crazy ass dreams that I fully remember when I wake up but i gradually forget about them and they fade away..

    But yeah I love dreaming. I set my alarm about an hour before I have to get up, and just hit the snooze every 10 minutes so I can doze off and continue with my dreams almost as if im completely concious.

    I first started having lucid dreams when i was young, about 5 or 6. It all started when I had 2 recurring dreams about 4-5 consecutive nights, and I caught onto it and realized It was a dream, and since then Ive almost always been aware. The dreams were about me being on a swingset, and falling off into a snake hole with thousands of snakes inside. Another one was me being in my backyard being chased by sithering snake, and I fall down, and repeatedly stumble trying to get up and I cant.
  7. how do you lucid dream? i know you have to train yourself to do it..but it seems everytie i try it doesn't work out and when i dont try it does but i dont remember it at all when i wake..which is not out of the ordinary cause the triptamine is getting flushed out of your brain so im not shocked there..but for you guys to perfectly control your dreams and actions in them..that's something else and i would love to read more about it and even try again to see if i can do it.. i dunno lol so basicly.. id be down to do it..dunno how.. surprised you guys can remember it all after you awake...yeup
  8. Congrats. Lucids may be weird at first but are a lot of fun when you get a handle on them.
  9. wow, this thread has got me googling how to lucid dream. i wanna try this shit.
  10. My dreams have inspired me to be some sort of Psychologist, or something that studies the mind. I'd like to be a psychiatrist, but it may be a little too far fetch'd. But I'm definitely doing something with the mind, I have to declare a major in a few months.

    Dreaming and Tripping are 2 of my favorite things in the world :D
  11. i dunno..but i have just been so intrigued by the brain and dreams in general..kinda glad im goin to med school, takes a long time to finish neurological studies..but fuck it it'll be worth it in the hawkings.. he never gave up and just kept going and going and even when doctors said he had maybe a month or so left to live, he said fuck you and he wanted to find out the secrets of the world..universe.. of life in general and look at him now.. overlived his death sentence by 40+ years.. now that's an incredible will power and that just shows you that human spirit is so strong sometimes it can never be broken and people make fun of him but i udnno, i htink he's one of the greatest people on the earth because of the way he thinks.. normal people think B way, while he thinks ABCD and E ways.. its just incredible.
  12. I have lucid dreams on occasion, they're fun. Lucid or not though almost all my dreams are very vivid and lifelike, its always cool, even when my dreams end up being a total mind fuck.:smoking:
  13. been trying for about 3 years. Cant do it.


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