My first LSD trip

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  1. Ok well, me and a friend we decide to go down town and buy some E, so we take an hour or so long bus ride to downtown, once we got there he pulled out his 1 hitter and we hit a little weed.

    no about 45-60 min later we had the E he purchased so we decide to go to this garden area with one of his other friends and the 2 we bought the E off of, we got there and me and him crawled up into this vine covered area where we were completley out of site.

    we smoked about 2g of his weed and get down after that we just kinda walked around untill we were ready to go, so were leaving and he tells me he can get me a hit of acid, so ofcourse i jumped at the chance! (first LSD trip why not?).

    he comes back to me after about 10 min and gives me the paper i toss it in my mount and let it sit, its about 4:30 when i put the LSD in my mouth. we get on the bus to head back to my house, so im sitting on the bus for about an hour and not really feeling anything.

    once i got off the bus i started to feel an alternate reality feeling really hard! so we start walking back to my house, (btw i had no idea where we were he said he did tho).

    so were walking around and he goes inside the community college we were dropped off at
    the place was was completly empty so he starts shoviling crap from desks into his backpack wich scared the shit outa me, "WTF are you doing!!!?!?" i said and he said dont worry blah blah blah.

    so we leave and start walking down this amazing sparkling forest set of stairs down to the road and i was starting to trip hard, i pulled out my pipe and we loaded up a bowl from his weed, we start smoking this and i just felt so amazing. it was like everything was just happening and i didnt feel like i was even walking! but i was.

    so we get down and start walking along this highway, there were only a couple cars every 2 min or so. so we starting smoking more while walking down the highway then we crushed one of his purple E's into the bowl and smoked it.

    now at this point i was starting to wonder where i was and he had no definate answer, but i didnt really care even tho i did (i know that might not make much sense). so we were walking for about 1hr-2hr and i dont remember much during that time other then i was FUCKED!!!!

    so its dark outside at this point and i suddenly notice were walking up a F*CKING dirt mountain!!! i started freaking out on him cause i had no idea where i was! but we kept walking anyways, then he starts yelling out names including my brothers?! and his friends.

    turns out we were walking up the mountain of dirt to a church that had a rope swing in the back (the swing kinda dangles a little bit off the side) and we get up to the church and my brother and his friends and there friends were all chillin back there.

    i just stood there in amazement because i could see light down the side of the mountain but just blue light! it was truely amazing. so we started talking to them and smoking some weed (i dont know how i could even hold the pipe i just could!) and then they start pushin eachother around, and my friend goes a little bit down the hill like 5 feet in front of us.

    and one of my bros friends jumps on the swing and kicked my friend down the mountain! i was laughing so hard so was he. and he runs up and tells them to do it again, so they did. while he was getting up they stole his E and he thought he dropped it all in the dirt.

    so my brother starts freakin out on him because he got me on acid and i was to fucked up to form a sentance (im an extreme lightweight when it comes to drugs) and forces him to take me back to my house. so ofcourse i sit there for another hour while theyre all screwin around.

    then he starts to take me home, so were walking around for like another 2 hours and i start to recognize where i am but i still didnt know how to get home :eek: so we get back to my house and i go chill in my room the rest of the night.

    now ofcourse i didnt think to mention i thought i was going to die/i was allready dead the entire time but i just was ok with it.

    sry its nothing that great but just sharin

    Peace, Ikou
  2. Smoked E? What the fuck?:confused:
  3. Yeah uh no smoking pills
  4. Props on the your first trip but i cant believe you wasted ecstasy like that
  5. lol i know it was a total waste but i was fucked and it was free lol

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