My first love

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by x 4gramBLUNTS, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. here she is.....This is my first plant. currently 22 days old


    I think I fell in loveeeeee
  2. sorry its such a big picture...but nice quality
  3. Wow reminds me of myself. There so cute, LOL so what you got going on ? What strain little detail would be cool ?:D
  4. Just got some indca seeds. I really wish I knew what they were but the seeds came from a guy who grew 100 plants indoors and capped like 50 to 60 pounds so they should work out nicely I hope. He had a huge pile of seeds when I picked up a QP from him so he hooked me up with a little baggy. haha but I planted 6 of them cuz thats all I have space for but its going great so far
  5. Thats sick! Well keep me posted i got my little buddy just sprouted yesturday. I might just snap a little pic. Send it your way. but GOOD LUCK :smoking:
  6. This is like pedophile stage.. What til she grows up :)

  7. LOL:smoking:
  8. What if Erica happens to be an Eric?

  9. :mad: Then We Kill the bastard!!

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