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    ok ok. check it out!!! this is my first journal on this site and to be quite honest i have a couple other threads on here. and i have gotten more advice and help on this site then any other. i currently have 3 plants that are just fun plants now that i started with out knowing what im doing. i now have the proper soil, lights, ferts, and nutrients. i have three new pots that are 9" deep with the premix soil by hydroponex filled to the top all the way to about an 1"to an 1 1/2" away from the top of the pot. i have flushed them once yesterday with ph based water. i am then going to flush it with a begining nutrient compound that a guy was telling me about at the local hydroponex shop. i have my play plants, so to say. they're underneath the grow light this guy hooked me up with and its a two foot light so i have my seed that are germinating underneath it too. i started to germinate the seeds on friday night. now keep in mind this in now sunday morning at 2:53 A.M. i have checked the seeds three times yesterday. and i have 5 of 8 seeds starting to sprout a root. i am going to wait until they get about 1" long then im going to go ahead and plant them in the soil. i am going to run the lights 24/7 for the first two weeks until the start to veg. i am going to go on a 5 day watering cycle until they sprout. once they sprout i am going to switch to an 8 day cycle based on what the plants tell me. like i said this is my first journal and one thing that i have read that pops out the most to me is that i was told in one of my threads that i need to take all the info in but tweak my process until i find the one that works best. EVERY ONE AND ANY ONE is welcome to leave comments on my process but keep in mind that this is my project. i would like to learn, so some of your advice is going to be taken into consideration. THANK YOU for your time to read this post. I WILL HAVE PICS SOON. GIVE ME TIME TO RECOOP MY FINANCES TO GET A CAMERA.
  2. hows it going every one. ok check it out i just got up from a long hard night of bars and parties. yesterday was rockfest a big 12 hour long nothing but bad ass rock music all day longs. my play plants are still doing good but my germanators. are looking great. i just flush the pots that i have started over fresh again just now with a nute based water. so now im just playing the waiting game on my seeds to be ready for the soil. talk to you later
  3. :wave: Good luck with the seeds dude.

    That first post is hard to read, all one paragraph, its groovy but not easy on the eyes, most stoners will be to lazy to read it :smoking:

    You should ask a mod to put this in the journal section if it is a journal :wave:

    Good luck
  4. thanks man for the luck. im going to need it. and how do i do that with the mod and making this a journal. and i just found out the best news in the world other then me growing . IM GOING TO BE A DADDY.
  5. ok. i have just check my seeds and i have some really sexy looking seeds. but i have just this one thats kinda got me scratching my head the root is about 1/4" long but it has lost the shell of the seed completly.
  6. ok so i asked for some answers about my head scratcher and i got some very usefull comments. i now have three new plants in the soil. my ibd plants are looking good. im running my lights on a 24/7 shift until i get some sprouts on my new plants. and my ibd plants are under the same scheadual just for the hell of it. i planted the seeds yesterday at roughly 6:45p.m. im not planning on watering them again until around wed. well wish me luck
  7. on one of my b.i.d plants on the second set of alt leaves it was showing signs of weakness and was getting droopy the stem started to take a curve and two white spots that look like sand has appeared. all three of them are looking good for the most part. ok just two of them. the two that are looking great have started their third set of alt leaves. or i beleive they are. im still learning the tearms.
  8. ok today is day 21 for my I.B.D (i'd b damned) plants. they are looking great except for that one. i have came to a conclusion that its from a calcium deffic. i have taken a peice of egg shell about the size of the tip of my thumb. and crushed it up in to a really fine powder and sprinkled it around my plant. i then watered and feed the plants. how ever my new plants are looking good too. and the wait is over for one of the three, but i figured the others will sprout with in the next day or so. the last time i watered them was on sunday when they was planted. i have watered the three new ones again and will wait until sun to do it again. also my I.B.D plants have started to take a really great scent to them. i cant wait to see what happens with them. pics will be up in the next day or so also. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY JOURNAL.
  9. ok so my little seedling i had yesterday is now about 3" tall. and i have a second plant that popped up over night as well that is the same getting ready to get three more pots and transplant my I.B.D plants in them. i should also have pics of by the end of the day of them all
  10. ok so i told you i would have pics up and i have been trying to get some up but they wont up load
    plants are looking great no real defaults going on the one plant has came threw and looking good.
  11. ok ok so its been a min since i have been on. the i.b.d plants are finally starting to grow the first set of fan leaves and they are smelling really sexy. the new plants are now 2 weeks 3 days old. they are looking great for the most part.
  12. congrats on your news buddy, wish you well with all thats to come!
  13. i mean i have ran into two diff problems right now with both sets of plants the i.b.d.s and my new ones. the new ones are looking good as far as the way the leafs should be protrayed. but they have dipps in the edges of them as if its getting two much clorine. im going to test the ph of them and get that on here and also the i.b.d plants one of the three the very bottom alternating leaf set that dont have any kind of a kicker at all have taken a yellow tent to the tips but im suspecting thats just form over lighting so i moved the light another foot away from the plant so its now about 18-24" from the plant and the plant stands roughly 9-10" tall. yet again even though this is my process suggestions are welcome and kept in mind
  14. ok so i lied i have no clue as to what is causing my plants problems. one of my i.b.d plants is not looking good. the first set of leaves are all yellow and are starting to turn a dark brown and are shrivaling. im stumped on what to do.
  15. ok so its been far to long since i have posted on here but every thing is looking amazing. i have 1 plant that is 12 weeks old and is looking amazing. theres alot of veg going on. i also have a plant that was started two weeks later and is looking identical to the older plant as far as veg goes. i also have a third plant of some afghany kush going its about a week and a half old and its 4" tall. lights are full 12/12 water with nutes every 7-8 days and w/o nutes every 3-4 days after a nute water. lights on the kush is on a 24 light cycle for the next 5 days depending on growth and veg. then to a 18/6 for 4 weeks depending on veg. then to the full 12/12 keep in mind not all the plants was listed due to being male plants and i just killed them off

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