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My first J!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rediah1, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Just rolled my first J, after vigorous practice. About .5 of some dank. Hows it look?

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  2. you shall get better, with more pratice.
  3. It looks like your first joint. A good joint comes with practice. Have fun smoking it
  4. How do you smoke that?
  5. It only gets easier from here. Don't worry they'll start to look a ton better. Give it time. But in the meantime, if it smokes and gets you high, then you are the winner sir.
  6. I wish somebody had showed me this [ame=] Zig Zag 1.25 78mm Cigarette Rolling Machine: Kitchen & Dining[/ame] when I first started rolling joints. Would have saved me a lot of time and shitty rolled joints. So worth it.
  7. I just roll a joint by wrapping rolling paper around a tiny hot glue gun stick.. Works amazingly and I can do it pretty fast too haha.
  8. Thats definitely smokeable man
  9. Wrap another paper around your joint to make it form and hit better .
  10. Yea me and my friend got retarded off that joint. It started off light then it just crept up and obliterated me :smoking::hippie:

  11. Not being a dick man, seriously, how do you smoke that?

    Cause he has the twisted end he lights and then the other end with no weed, just a bit strange to an English toker.
  12. Looks like my first j!!! But i can roll a ton better now. Just keep tryin man! You will get it
  13. Looks good man! Alot better than my first one for sure =P Try out different papers, eventually you'll find the brand that is the best for you in ease of rolling and smoking/flavor/etc.
  14. Oh, well twisting the end prevents weed from falling out, and i guess he just didnt spread it even enough to cover the whole J. You can still hit it if the other end has no weed, thats usually how i have my blunts, you just gotta pinch and hit without really touching it with your mouth...
  15. Throw a filter on that bitch.

  16. My bad I forgot to mention that I put a filter in the open end! That's Y I left some weed off the end for the roach. I lit the twisted end.

  17. Oh, I see. I thought the paper would just close with minimal pressure from his lips? Blunts are strong.

    You should use a cardboard roach, buddy :) Would help.
  18. Ha yea i almost always use roaches with joints unless i dont have time, but blunts are always good without them
  19. Looks like ass, but don't give up. You'll get it.

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