My first indoor grow

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  1. So here is my first pheno grow. The strain are random seeds I got from my bubblegum outdoors a couple years ago. I used 2 LED lights from Amazon 360 watt draw total. Growing in a vivosun 2x4x60 tent almost ram out of head space. I suggest getting a 80 inch tall tent if possible .I Vegged them both for 11 weeks from seed they are 36 days into flower. I have done almost nothing to them nutrient wise besides coast of Maine stonington dry nutrient and for flower I used rainbow bloom dry nutrient. 2 times the whole life so far. I have had 0 deficiencies . These girls are frosty as fack. They started pushing tricomes on fan leaves and buds 5 days into flowering period (is this normal)

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  2. Very nice !

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  3. What media you using? Looks great!

  4. I only use promix or espoma seed starting soil. And only grow organically.
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  5. I have been wanting to try rainbow bloom. It seems to get sold out very fast in SoCal. Is that what you normally like to use in bloom or is the product new to you?
  6. They look stunning, great job.
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  7. I believe that you can get rainbow off amazon .

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  8. Rainbow is a new product for me to try. I solely tried it cause it states it doesn't leave salt residual in the soil. Not really sure how accurate that statement is.

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