My first indoor grow. [Pics]

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  1. This is my first indoor grow. I am growing in a Rubbermaid Roughneck 45Gal. trash can with three 100w HPS lamps in a halo fashion. The plant is unknown bag-seed and was heavily LST'ed and trimmed to maximize circulation and light coverage.
    The plant is very vigorous and healthy, It has been flowering for around a month now. Bud development has been slow but very consistent and extremely dense. The odor is potent when the sealed cabinet is opened.
    Any Pro's out there with a keen eye know whether this female may be sativa or indica dominant?
    I am waiting on a 100X mag. from newegg right now because I know nothing about this strain or its app. harvest time.

    Entire plant. 11 colas total!

    Close up of one of the two main "Topped" colas. Tasty!

    Hither and yonder image. LOL.

    Marble stars! There are 40 or so of these marble sized white stars.

    My wife's 600$ camera IS good for something! Enjoy in HD.
  2. Thanks man. Still no magnifier from Newegg. :( Anyone have a clue as to the Sativa/Indica dominance? It has been a very "leggy" grow, Very thin leaves and flowering has been dramatically slow which leans twards Sativa. I hope it is, I have always wanted to grow a Sativa successfully.
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    I've read that Sativas get tall and have thin long leaves and Indicas have fat leaves and are shorter plants as well that Sativas a mind high and Indica is a body high. Plants can also stretch from lack of light or lights being too far away from them but if you have 3x100w hps that plant shouldn't have any lack of light. Hope this helps as I know the anxiety when getting close to harvest. By the way Godforbid is a kick ass metal band with a black guy on the mic but I'm guessing you know that or God forbid.
  4. HaHa! Yes mentalrott, GodForbid is a bad ass metal band! Thanks for commenting.
    Here's an update for those who care...
    I took my plant out of its cab (Not easy) To take these, My kitties were so interested! How much longer GC?
    Enjoy. And Thank-you.

    Close up of one of the two main cola's

    All off...Erm most of it, Dang kitties. LOL.

    HaHa, No kitteh here.

    Doesn't seem like much from this view...

    Dense. Silhouette. LOL.

    My only female kitteh, Sitting with my other female.
  5. Indica...Nice job.:D
  6. Really, Its been a split decision on whether its an indica dom. Or sativa dom. strain amongst my friends and other boards.
    Either way, I'm happy.
  7. yo wheres the did it all turn out?

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