My first indoor grow-op (what do you think?)

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  1. Hey guys so i am gonna start my first indoor exeriment.

    I will be using a bright wing full spectrum 6500K 7900 lumens for my flowering. http://www.plantlightinghydroponics...-6500k-7900-lumens-cfl-grow-light-p-1769.html

    i will probably pick up another 100w full spectrum CFL.

    For the flower stage i will be using a 400w HPS digital ballast. http://www.plantlightinghydroponics...-6500k-7900-lumens-cfl-grow-light-p-1769.html

    For you pros out there.... I am gonna have four 5 gal pots in a 3x4 shed. with this lighting set up how could i yield the post pot? should i do four plants (one in each pot) or two plants per pot?

    I am hugely concerned about yields i want a big yield.
    thanks guys
  2. keep one plant per pot, just so the roots have more room to grow, and they dont get tangled up and kill each other. Im no pro, just wanted to help a brotha out. keep token.
  3. When you want the most from only four plants you just need to veg them longer at 24/0 lighting or 18/6 until they are between a foot and two feet tall before starting flowering.

    Trim the lower leaves the lights can't get to as you go along, and also cut the top of the plant a couple times so that you have 6 or 8 lower branches that catch up to the top and are as tall as the center tops. Done right topping and trimming will make the plant stronger and healthier, it prompts it to grow thicker stems and more new growth with each trim like it's fighting back. Just don't trim too much at one time, don't take more than 1/3 of the plant at a time and don't trim too early before it has plenty of other leaves to make do with.

    You want to end up with a plant that's more round and full with a flat top but not much left where the lights don't penetrate, so you'll have lots of surface area close to the light and get huge huge nugs from all that top surfacfe area. Veg and trim as long as you like, but with a 400 you're limited to square footage that's why I said maybe 2 feet tall max would be ideal. When flowering keep the lights as close to the tops as temperatures will allow with plenty of fans moving the air and moving the leaves gently. Watch some of the videos. On youtube there's "I grow chronic", which is worth buying I think if you can find it, and there's many more video's that make it easier to get the basics down before you start blindly searching and reading on here too much. It at least gives you an idea of the basics and helps you know what things to look up and search on.

    Don't do what I tried lately and use cheap miracle grow soil and off the shelf department store fertilizers. Get real nutrients from a grow shop and real soil like Foxfarm from the start and mix it up with additives for drainage and growth according to what all the experienced people here have said. Good grow shops often know their stuff too and will help get a good mix and proper nutes.

    Do searches on this stuff and how to top and trim.

    I know I have a tiny post count, but I have done this stuff and grown in soil several times in the past. I can't believe I was so stupid to cheap out lately on soil and nutes... I was trying to save money to go hydro and thought I wouldn't care much cause it was just for a mother plant but I should still stand up and slap myself good.

    Good luck...
  4. thanks alot guys much appriciated

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