My first indoor grow, critique please.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cosmokramer421, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. \t\t\t \t\t\tSize: spare bedroom
    Plants: 14
    Nutrients: 3 tablespoons epson salt, 2 tablespoons powder sugar, miracle grow 20-20-20, occasionally pickles that I remove from my burger king. Mixed with 3 gallons of liquid solution
    Lighting Spot light that I used for delivering pizza. Led Christmas lights. High Pressured Halogen. An array of various flashlights that run off those fat D batteries. Some keychain flashlights with the buttons taped down. A 6 watt cfl. A black light, and I also set my nintendo wii up next to my plants, because it glows when it has updates.
    24-7 lighting for veg, switching to 48 hours on, 48 hours off for flowering

    I germinated my seed, using the beach towel method. I poored laundry detergent on a beach towel, and put my seeds in there. It grew some pretty good dank, it loked like a white worm connected to the seed, it got me baked. So then I germinated another one by letting it sit in a shotglass til it sunk. I used captain morgans rum, because I heard sugars are good for plants, and rum is sugarry. After a while it was time for planting.

    As far as soil, I've been using a mixture of dirt from my backyard, and soil that I stole from my friends' aloe houseplant. I poored a bag of that blue powder crystally fertilizer into my soil, and shook it up really good. I I spread the soil over my carpet and spit some seeds i was chewing on to the floor, and also planted my shotglass seed, along with a few others. After about 48 hours they sprouted. About 14 hope-to-be-females.

    I've been watering with hydrogen peroxide, gasoline and acetone (to try to take the green out of my buds). I do not use any water whatsoever, because I heard i can overwater, that's why i used gasoline. the hydrogen peroxide is so my roots get oxygen. I think I might steal my grandma's oxygen tank, and maybe burn a hole into the side of it with a blow torch, for more oxygen.

    At about 1 week I had a real dank plant, It had like 3 fingered leaves, seriously unbelievable, I couldn't help but smoke it, I got so high that I didn't even feel it, if that makes sense. Basically I got so high that I got a headache, and didn't get high. So now I'm down to 13 plants.

    I transplanted one of the plants and began the banana method. I took a banana, unpeeled it about half way, removed the banana and filled it with soil. I transplanted the plant into this banana. I then put it inside my ant farm, because the sand in there will help with drainage.

    At approximately 3 weeks, i began low stress training. I've been yelling at my plant several times a day. I've been letting him know that he was an unwanted seed. I informed him that he wsa a mistake, and that his father was killed shortly after fertilization of his mother. After stress training, I feed with a low dose of xanax, to increase recovery time.

    My friends have been telling me about topping, to reduce vertical growth. I was thinking of using something like this.
    I would have to wait til the plants get a little bigger of course.

    I tried to clone one of my plants using gel, AND powder. I took a pair of rusty scissors that were laying in the garage, and cut a branch off my plant. I stuck it in some sexual lubricant gel that I got at the sex shop (same place i buy my bongs.) I also poored some powder on it. I got the powder from a letter i received in the mail. The letter read "from iraq" iraq has some of the dankest marijuana i've heard.

    I heard that if I start taking birth control, that I get a better chance of females. So, I'm going to steal some of my sisters birth control, and eat the whole tray, and then change my light schedule to start flowering.

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice they can give me. Sorry no pictures. [​IMG] \t\t
  2. yeahi suggest to stay off that acid and switch to crack ur system might tolerate it better lol other than that some happy pillz will do the trick. but as far as u go ....go to the nearest cliff or roof top and jump as high as u can towards the edge while flapping ur arms up and down.. let me know what happens after.......

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