my first indoor grow, constructive criticism appreciated =)

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  1. My first indoor grow just about 3 weeks underway! some nice NYC Diesel( i think its NYC not positive, its some sort of diesel). started out with 4 lights just added 3 more so now i have 7 so im hoping for some faster growth. using MG organic potting soil they seem to be liking it, pH has been level at just about 7. going to start using 'Mater Magic nutes on em soon. as you can see one is a runt :(. gonna be updating this frequently. def trying to go 100% organic. any comments or constructive criticisms would be lovely:smoke:

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  2. Cool Cool. I like. if ur useing buckets make sure they have holes on the bottom for drainage. If water sitts in there you will get root rot. I've never used cfl's. havent learned too much about them either. But how is your ventilation? Hopefully you got fresh air being pulled into the room. If you have sitting air (dead air) or no air circulation then its a environment for pests and disease. Good air flow through the room is a good prevention for both of those. Good luck bro. Ill be watching!!
  3. basically its just 3 emergency blankets made into a square in a larger room with ventilation. i have a fan inside the setup ( as you can see on the very left) to get some circulation. the blankets are not held together tight so new air is def gettin in there. if its windy you can JUST feel the wind coming in through a vent a few feet away so i think im doing good with fresh air. not sure if they are a little small for 3 weeks though? but just added 3 more lights so we'll see.

    also, might try putting a very small amount of the nutes, which are little time release pellets, in water to melt them down to liquid and get them directly to the roots...thoughts?
  4. Great! i think they look good. I think they look good. i really couldn't tell if there small or not cuz i have completely different conditions than your set up.

    There's no reason why that shouldn't work. It just doesn't seem very controlled though, doing it that way. I always write down what I'm giving my plants at what days with water and nutrients. Just to see whats working and whats not.
  5. thanks mang
  6. What wattage are your bulbs? The rule of thumb is 100 actual watts for your 1st plant and then atleast 50 for every plant after that. Actual watts will be the lower of the 2 watt numbers on the package. If its a 100 watt replacement its 24-26 actual watts. Cfls dont get to terribly hot so they can almost touch your plants before they cause problems. They closer the bulb the more they like it. Try to stay away from time release if at all possible they tend to cause nute burn. Other than that I think they are on track size wise they will burst after they get their first round of nutes or you lower the lights.
  7. Im using only time release ferts Osmocote plus on 4 of my plants 2 hempy 2 soil and they are loving it. Its guaranteed not to cause nute burn they have even ran it at 10x the normal ammount with out a problem. All you need to do is water them.
    My next round if this goes good will be the organic line by dynamite.

    But dont water them down I doubt that will work.
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    Hey man, I'm subbed in to watch. If you feel like fucking with it, I'd be interested to know more about your grow - like are you screwin with ph or just letting it roll, what kind of medium are you growing in - stuff like that.

    As far as your two babies, what are their genetic origins? Is this bag seed? The two plants definitely have different characteristics. (edit: I see you say it's Diesel of some sort, but you don't seem to know exactly, so I'm curious :) )
  9. Welp I'm checking the Ph its at 7 right now maybe just under that so I'm thinking I might need to address that it seems a tad high.

    I'm growing in MG organic potting soil I'm not sure why there is so much hate on MG but they seem to like it.

    I've got 7 total CFL's they are 100 Watt equivalent ecosmart 6500k, 1750 lumens each. Soo I'm running at 400 Watts on one plant and 300 on another. The healthy one has the 4 bulbs.

    As for the nutes I'm still on the fence about maybe taking a pinch and dissolving it, I would do a small pinch. since they're time release I'd assume they're super potent. :confused:

    Origin: from an old man that grows em every year, he said its "some killer diesel" haha I know its not just some regs thats for sure. Hes been growing it for years with a high female success rate (he said he usually ends up with 60 to 70% girls) his son also wouldn't stop ravin about it. It would sure be a let down to see some balls :(

    I need some more opinions on the nute sitchyation!! All I have is home depot and Lowes around me. Not a hydro store within 30 miles lol
  10. Anybody know what the deal could be with that runt? It's leaves are like starting to curl upward. Its getting the same love as the other one. Lotsss of new growth on it but its just one hell of an ugly duckling. Will upload a pic tommoro. Dark cycle just began:cool:
  11. Well I would get a mogul socket with a higher wattage cfl like 125 watts. It costs abot thirty five bucks for the fixture and bulb. These are way better than the smaller ones imo.

    Get rid of that tinfoil? If its tinfoil get rid of it and paint it with antifungal kilz flat whiteprimer and paint. When its all white its easier to clean.
  12. No way not tin foil haha. Emergency blankets. And 100 Watts was all they had in that color. Also aren't those mogul sockets? The dual bulb action haha
  13. Also billzilla they aren't on a wall, the blankets are free standing, just taped to the floor and cieling. Rhw room itself is a giant area too big to paint all the walls to make it light efficient
  14. Sorry for the typos! I'm on my phone, my fingers are too big for this touchscreen haha!

  15. Hopefully someone will jump on my head if I tell you the wrong thing, but I have been reading a good bit, and it seems to me that the main thing to look at in nutes is the N-P-K numbers. It should be somewhere on any nute package. Hydro stores will sell at higher prices because you're buying a "specialty" item, but all you really need is any kind of organic nutes that have the right NPK numbers for whatever stage your babies are in - veg at this point. For veg, my take is you want something higher in Nitrogen (1st number) and then the numbers change for flowering nutes.

    Check out this thread if you haven't seen it yet. More than you'll ever want to know about nutes: when, what, why, and how much and how often.

    Nutrients by Vitamin 420
  16. I'm good on the numbers, I'm talking about watering down the time release.

    Also had a strange thing happen. Woke up and my lights were off...its schedule is 6 hours off from 10 to 4 woke up at 8 and they were still off. Wtf???? Brand new timer and its still clicking and everything. Weird, you guys think this one day of extended dark will do any harm? Hopefully it doesn't happen again.....
  17. Oops, misread. Time release is over my head :p

    For the dark thing - again, I'm a noob. But from what I've read, seems extended dark would be ok. Extended light - bad :p
  18. Yea i hope my timer isnt effed up or something. brand new Brinks timer i cant even find a picture on the internet but it was 25 bucks at walmart. im hoping it was just a one time thing.

    also heres a pic of the "runt". theres gotta be some underlying issue here, any ideas?

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  19. feminised Blue Cheese seeds from Barney's ordered =) :smoke::smoke:

  20. Nice. Since I ordered my first seeds, I've decided I'm more of a sativa kind of guy, so I'll be looking for a good next strain to run after this one.

    How old is the runt? 3 weeks like the rest?

    I suppose you can always hope it's concentrating on root development and is about to take off like a rocket. :smoke:

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