My first Indoor Grow..BlueWidow, Jock Horror, Diesel, White Widow, Golden Goat

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  1. Room Setup

    600watt Sun Master Cool Deluxe MH
    600Watt Lumateck Ballast\
    250 cfm ducting to outside for cooling lamp
    3gallon Pots with Fox Farms Ocean Floor
    Room seems to stay an average of 82F at the top of the plants with almost no humidity. Im trying to brainstorm some sort of fogger/misting system.

    Hopefully by next week Ill have me new Co2 setup in place. Automatic timer/regulator valve and a 20lb tank.


    Blue Widow

    They went in the soil on 9/25/10
    09-25-10 - 18/6 Light schedule
    10-02-10 - Went to 24hr light due to plants seem to be flowering premature. I'm guessing they were not under correct light at the dispensary. I will move them back to 18/6 after 48hours.
    10-04-10 - Started LST training the blue widows
    10-07-10 - Leached soil

    Blue Widow 1 - 4 weeks from being clipped from mom

    Blue Widow 2 - 4 weeks from being clipped from mom

    Jock Horror
    Feminized Auto flowering

    I germinated 5 seeds and have 5 sprouts with 30 hours.


    I should be getting the rest of the clones anytime. Diesel, White Widow and Golden Goat

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