My first hydro set-up

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by K.T. Rich, Aug 20, 2008.

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    600 Watt HPS over a Waterfarm.

    Please tell what you think or what I should change.





    and finally, about twenty pounds worth of shit above my light. Can someone tell me if this is safe?


    I think tomorrow when I get home from work I am going to clean that shelf off and hang the light from the ceiling. Good or bad?

    Also, I plan on putting the balast and air pump on top of bricks. Good or bad? I didn't think I should hang the balast from the wall.
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Hey bro!

    Yup, suggestions... move your buckets a little more to the right in your pic.

    It looks to me like out of the 6 buckets, only 4 are centered under the light. The other 2 are too far to the left, and the plants will strive to grow to the right, causing issues.

    Slide everything to the left until all 6 buckets are centered under the light, not just 4....

  4. Thanks.

    I can just slide my light along the pole it hangs from.

    *Gets up*


    Thanks for the suggestion, hombre.
  5. looks good and wheres the Fan? temp reader? got your nutrients?

    the light is to high for those babys. maybe bring it down a foot or half a foot.
  6. i'd keep the light where it is. that's a 600 HPS and those are only about 3 inches tall. any lower and you're gonna burn em
  7. says who? you wont burn them lol
  8. ATM you wont need to worry about that light,just keep lowerung it an inch a day and start moving it in the center(buckets or light wont matter)BUT you will FILL that closet in no time if you veg, too long so be prepaired for MASSIVE growth.Add some thich plastic under the buckets like a flood dam with some towels if this is your first go in that system,clamps wont hurt and get all elec. equiptment up off the floor,water and power dont mix well at all.
  9. How do you plan on ventilating that room? The doors don't look light proof at the base.

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