my first hydro grow

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    Hi :wave:

    Welcome to my very first grow. Mr. Budslinger said that I can take my pick of seeds we have on hand for "my" first hydro grow...hehe I'm pretty excited! :D Thanks Yoda :love: :p

    I'd really appreciate any input you may have on my choice of strains.

    1. dutch passion blueberry
    2. afghan kush
    3. original skunk
    4. big budda blue cheese
    5. paradise white berry

    I've done a little research on a few of the strains listed above, and will continue as I ponder the decision of "which" frosty buds I'd like to drool over while I anxiously wait for harvest ;)

    Looking forward to hearing from all of you and having tons of fun in my very own garden ;)

    edit: growing white berry

    Mostly indica, medium height, medium flowering time, THC level 15-18%, produces nice frosty trichs and berry scent. High: crystalline Sativa head high - smoked in higher quantities, an Indica-style body stone (we will see...haha).

    paradise white berry started from seed, showed her leaves 9/18/09
    topped 10/18/09
    cloned 11/3/09
    beginning of clone rootage 11/12/09
    clones cubed 11/21/09
    net pots 12/13/09
    DWC 12/16/09 (?)

    Bubble buckets 12/31/09 *harvested 3/15/10*
    12/12 started 01/01/10 (set up & pics of the girls page 132)
    1/6/10 - pistils showing at bud sites (text update pg 140)
    1/14/10 - first bud :hello: (pics page 151)
    1/23/10 - trich action (pics page 161)
    1/30/10 - 16 days of flower (pics page 167)
    2/6/10 - 23 days of flower (pics page 175)
    2/16/10 - 33 days of flower (pics page 193)
    2/23/10 - 40 days of flower (pics page 213)
    3/4/10 - 49 days of flower (pics page 222)
    3/8/10 - 53 days of flower (pics page 230)
    3/15/10 - harvest, 60 days (pics page 239)*

    Flood tray
    1/23/10 - set up flood tray with 4 white berry / 1st day of 12/12 (pics page 161)
    2/6/10 - first bud (pics page 175)
    2/16/10 - 10 days of flower (pics page 193)
    2/23/10 - 17 days of flower (pics page 213)
    3/4/10 - 26 days of flower (pics page 222)
    3/8/10 - 30 days of flower (pics page 230)
    4/1/10 - 54 days of flower (pics page 248)
    4/7/10 - harvest (pics page 252)*
  2. subscribed....
    I wont offer my opinion as im biased...
    look foward to seeing the little gal sprout up ;)...
  3. :yay::yay::yay:Congrats on the grow! :hello:

    Personally, I'm loving hydro. Plus, you've got the best help you could ask for living in the same place! Coolies! :D

    Out of your choices I've only grown the skunk and it got a disease. :( I'm gonna try another seed in the new year.
    The others sound yummo. :yummy:

    So what sort of hydro system are ya gonna use? :) I probably won't understand it, but tell me anyway. :eek::smoke: Will you be in the cubby or has the boss allocated you your own space? :) What lights ya got?

    Yeah, sorry, I'm pretty nosey. :eek:

    Looking forward to seeing those ickle sprouts! :D Good luck! :wave:
  4. My vote is for the Afghan Kush! I love kush. :rolleyes:


    can't wait to see this one...

  5. Vote noted Unclenugs... What is it that you love about kush??? the buzz??? the plant, buds??? everything??? Appreciate the input. I've read that it's knock you on your ass smoke :smoking:

    Awe man! :rolleyes: seriously yoda??? :laughing:

    Thanks freedom! :) I'm pretty excited about it...I have butterflies in my stomach...LOL! Feeling like a little kid waiting for Santa to show up.

    Glad to hear that your loving hydro :D Be as nosey as you want...hehe...I don't mind ;) Sorry to hear about the skunk :( GL when you crack the next one.

    So far no definite plans on the set up. There's been talk of my very own garden, and also using whatever flower area is available. Either way we need another table.

    I know that if I do have my own area I'll be using flood / drain table similar to what's in the cubby / new room. For the most part the thought has been that where my girls flower will depend on the table available when the time comes. I guess, it could be under the 400 in the cubby or one of the tables in the new room with the existing 400 or 600 watt we still need to pick up. Still lots of planning to do.

    My own area would be very cool...just not sure "where" to put it ;)

    Thanks for stopping in guys and Miss Freedom ;) appreciate it :smoke:
  6. I know what you mean, I get way over excited about my grows, I'm a bit of a saddo about it really, but hey ho. :p

    Looking forward to seeing your setup, it's so cool that you guys are legal, the world's your oyster! :hello:

    Toodles. :wave:
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    I love Kush because I'm from California. :D

    Around my neck of the woods, there are 5 different classes of weed.

    Stress, Middies, Chronic, Super Bomb, and Kush

    Kush has a distinct smell, taste, and texture whether it's master kush, afghan kush, bubba Kush, o.g. Kush, whatever. They're all a tiny bit different, but they're all distinctly, and unmistakably Kush. The smell is hard to describe, because the only word I know to describe the smell is kush, haha. It breaks up like popcorn, and has big, fluffy buds. They are mostly Indica, so they stay short, have tight internodes, and have dense buds that from are usually big from top to bottom. It's usually a big producer, which is probably why it's a popular strain around here.

    the high is definitely a knock you on you're ass type of high, but it's always pleasant. All good weed should knock you on yer ass, IMO, haha

    I've actually never grown any myself, but I've got a few kush strains veggin' so I'll be excited to get those flowered out.

    hope that helps. :wave:
  8. well see ...haha ....i picked them out in the first place out of a much bigger list..
    and i ahd reasons for every pick..dont ask me to remember them:rolleyes:...ha ha..

    i have heard the big budda blue cheese is fantastic.:D
    best ive ever grown...says sergio..very good gardner...

    ive also heard the kush is amazing....:smoke: many many have said this..some only grow this..nuttin else..

    original skunk..this plant is one of the ones used to create allot of the strains out renowned...

    blueberry kicked ass in the cannibis cup.....

    White renowned..ha ha spelling:confused:
    again used to make the whits strains..

    the white berry well its a mix of white widow and blueberry,, how can ya go wrong there..

    so theres my biased help im sure ....:eek:
  9. Freedom...when's the next grow???

    Thanks Unclenugs...helps a lot! ;) really appreciate it :D I'll be by to check it out ;)

    Help...yes and no...:laughing: Thanks :)
  10. wow I wish I had a jedi master to help me when Im stuck, well he has helped me haha.
    I had some blue cheese for the first time about two months ago and I have one in veg. mine is barneys farm but close. cant go wrong with kush either, well that whole line up is awesome. is original skunk aka skunk #1
  11. Well MRS. YODA i'm here 2 save the day......:hello: ur hubby is the master of the cubby for sure...:rolleyes: & he got that list off the internet............:cool:
    #1 dutch blueberry.......what can u say bad about blueberrys...................nothin
    #2 afgani kush .....deffenatly kicks lots of pics ....this shit rocks ....more a right before bed hits hard:eek:
    #3 Skunk.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmm i hate sativas
    #4 i want 2...............damn it......send me som seeds
    #5 White Berry.....r u worthy....i ain't smoked it yet, but soon, yes, very soon.....Dankstar99 says its the best smoke ever......stop by for some fresh pics of her .........................:D:D:D
    now if there is anything else i can help u with like trashing ur first page .......let me kno.:)

  12. :wave:
    LOL! It's a definite bonus to have the jedi master onsite ;)
    Yes, skunk #1
    Thanks for the input ORcoast...much appreciated man :D

    Hi Cutter :)

    as far as the Skunk - all I can think of is Pepe Le Pew...LMAO!!! And of course the smell associated with the lil rodent...YUK! :laughing:

    White Berry...Oh boy am I ever worthy...:laughing:

    And by all means, make yourself at home - even if it means trashing my first page ;)

    Thanks for the input Cutter, truly appreciate it :) and of course for saving the day...what would I do without you? hehe
  13. u got that right.......:hello: Opps now where did i put my cape? ;)
  14. ha ha super cutter,,,, i love it....
    i see ur groeing the white berry cutter...hows that growing?

    no decisions yet doinyoda???

  15. haha...tentative decision on which seed to pop...I'm leaning toward white berry but still have a bit of research to do on the blue cheese. Definitely can't bring myself to grow Pepe Le Pew! :laughing:

    definitely going with flood / drain system...more details to come :D
  16. ha ha ..pepi le pu....

    thats would be the skunk #1 darling....
    the cheese is suppossed to smell like blue cheese....
    still not the most pleasent fragrance but better then pepi...haha...

  17. LOL!
    Freedom...can I borrow your stick please??? Yoda needs a good poke I think... :laughing: :poke: :poke:
  18. lmao! You two crack me up! :laughing: I'm with doinYoda on the skunk, fuck it, who wants Pepe bud?! :D
    Go with the Whiteberry I reckon, :yummy: I grew Blue Widow, was some of the best bud I've grown yet. Yummers.:smoke: All the taste and smell of the blueberry and the punch of the Widow.

    *passes Mrs Yoda the stick* :wave: Use it wisely, with great power comes great responsibility. ;) But I agree, cheeky he is. :p

    New journal will be up soon, a week maybe two. Gotta construct the mega tent and carbon filter first, which has eluded me for a month already. :eek:
  19. So the white berry is the same as blue widow huh, I have blue widow in veg. and its doin great. I just read about white berry and it seems to have the same genetics.
    I was confused at first with all this talk of cheese, sounds nasty to me who wants weed that smells of cheese. Then I found out cheese is just skunk, most of it being skunk #1.
    I loved the blue cheese I tried and think skunk #1 is awesome, its just that old school skunk smell that I miss from my younger years
  20. *cough*kush*cough*

    excuse me, had a little tickle in my throat there...

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