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  1. My purple wreck (purple urkel X trainwreck) seeds (4) just sprouted and I put the germinated seeds in some wet rockwool. I put 2 soft white 30W CFL bulbs on it for now. For now I will keep the light on 24/7.
    Still waiting for my White Widow and Romulan Kush seeds to germinate. When they become germinated I will put them all on a tray and move them into my hydro grow box and start them under a 125W CFL bulb. I will also be adding some clones to the collection when the germinated seeds start officially vegging.

    Here are some pictures of my grow box..excuse the quality it was taken with my celly.. It's BC Northern Lights "Producer" Hydrotub grow box. The second picture shows a 400W MH bulb encased in the system (already installed it to be ready to start the vegging when im done germinating)
    I plan on growing 18 plants.



  2. Looking nice. I'm getting one of those stealth pc grow boxes, and putting it in the crawl space in my guest room. Where did you get seeds? I've been looking for something purple to grow.
  3. I bought the seeds from the Ontario Seedbank in Toronto. They actually recommended the seeds and gave me a great deal on them. If your from the area I would refer their business, they back up their products and have a great rep.
  4. Update:

    Only two of the four White Widow seeds are starting to germinate. Just transferred them into rockwool yesterday. I'll give the romulan kush seeds one more day to see if they will break into germination...if not they are a lost hope :(. Hopefully the seeds that germinated turn out to be strong females *crosses her fingers*
  5. Sounds Sweet! I'm not from ontario unfortunately, I'm a Winnipeger. At the moment however I study medicine in Europe so it'd be a little hard to get ahold of those seeds, but thanks for the info, I'll check them out online. Looks like your grow is going well, I grow in soil myself, never tried hydro. Looking forward to seeing the results! :wave:
  6. Update: Only one Romulan Kush seed began to germinate. I can see the WW seeds starting to sprout now. The Purple wreck seeds are looking real good so far, and already have their first sets of leaves.

    I transferred them into the grow box under a 125W CFL. The seedlings are in some wet rockwool in a covered clone dome. The Light is probably 8 inches away from the dome. The light cycle used atm is 18/6. I make sure the rockwool is always moist to the touch and check/water it about twice daily. Right now i am not using any nutes, and am using ozonated natural spring water with the pH between 5.5-6.5. I also want to add that my hydrotub holds 14 gallons or 56 litres. I will transfer the plants into 3" rockwool when the roots start showing and place them in the mesh pots in the hydrotub. I have a pre-programmed irrigation system for the watering schedule.
    When the roots start showing, I'll start using a light nute cycle. My nutes include:
    -SensiGrow A+B
    -SensiBloom A+B
    -Big Bug
    -Connoisseur Bloom

    I will have a custom feeding schedule ready for a 3 week veg period that I will post later on when I am ready to do so I can post some pics and possibly some vids. :wave:
  7. Will be watching this thread :)

  8. Wow, thanks so much for making this thread. I have NEVER seen one of those BC grow setups. They have a really polished product is seems like. I'm really impressed, perfect for being stealthy since the plants won't grow to tall. You like the box so far? I'm subscribing so I can see how this turns out. :smoke: Good luck!
  9. tuned in if it's okay with you yourHIGHness. ;)
  10. what's up. Finally got a journal going that's cool, now where are the pics.:devious:
  11. Hey everybody thanks for checkin in! sorry I havent updated in a couple heres an update:

    The plants are doing pretty good, they are growing a couple set of leaves and i can see the roots coming out from the rockwool...except one time i found the dome was off and the rockwool dried out pretty badly and two plants wilted, but i've been giving them extra care and they seem to be recovering, but some leaves still look dry still, but not as wilted. I hope I can salvage them :eek:
    I will be transfering them into the 3" rockwool this weekend, and hopefully get my hands on some clones by then as well. I will post up pics when I got everything up and running officially..that will give me time to borrow my friends camera so i can take decent pics to share with all you guys! Don't worry just a couple more days, sorry peeps!
  12. Hey guys I finally got some picks! I transferred all of them to the 3" rockwool cubes and put them in the mesh pots. I soaked the 3" rockwool in PH water with a mild nutrient solution (Sensi A and B about 30 CCs per 56L) Looks like i F'd it up a little and caused some magnesium deficiency with too low a couple of em look a little stressed but hopefully they can recover. Here are the picks. 1 WW plants and 4 purple wrecks.

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  13. That looks like a Nitrogen Deficiency IMO.

    What's your PPM and pH?
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    what does PPM mean? Right now it was advised for me to hand water them. the PH of the cubes atm is 6.0 and im watering them with a mild nutrient solution with the PH at 5.5.
  15. stop watering them with nutes or any kind of solution.

    They are to small and fragile to withstand even the mildest nutes, especially in rockwool.

    flush the cubes and use regular ph'd water for a couple days, because they look like they are about to die.
  16. they look better than they did last week... but ill do that. I just started using nutes the day i transferred them.
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  17. Shit looks great. i cant wait to see the future results!
  18. word! Dudet, I dont give my plants any nuts for the first 4-5 weeks....I grow in soil but still....its like giving steroids to a kindergardener. Live and learn and making the mistakes only helps your knowlage grow! Ahh good old Toronto I sort of miss it but prefer Russia much more! good luck highness!
  19. Update:

    Well the clones I picked up started rooting and I transferred them into the 3" rock wool in the pots. I am officially starting to veg this week. If I can I'll try and get some pictures up here soon. I now have 10 plants in the growbox.

    Oh yea, after soaking the 3" rockwool in very mild grow solution and PHd water, I began hand watering them with plain PH adjusted water. I will start adding VERY mild nutes when the system starts watering them this week (the plants will be 4-5 weeks old).
  20. sounds like a good plan!:wave:

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