my first highhh

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by warrior87, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. alright it was crazy me, my dealer, and 3 other friends smokin a 2g grape blunt and a 1g bowl blueberry weed. after we were done bro i look at my hands and they were a mile away then i looked at the trees and they kept vibratin and i kept laughin at shit it was great.:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Enjoy the low tolerance while it lasts. God damn do i miss those glory days.
  3. I remember feeling tingly when I first smoked.
    Shit! I miss my low tolerance days. I would take 3 hits off of a blunt and be so high I was eating the stars.
  4. May first time was a week ago tomorrow... I smoke a bowl of some mids (have nothing to compare so dont know if they were good) and took 3 hits off a bong and I was feeling damn good for the rest of the night...woke up and still was buzzin'

    BUT NOW I CANT FIND ANY... I could go pay 20 for a g of the stuff I first smoked but I want more than a g becuase I want it to last more than two smokes....BUT NO BODY IN SAN ANTONIO HAS SCHWAG WTF?
  5. Ugh I never got THAT high. But I seriously didn't get high until like the 15th time I smoked. I started laughing so hard that it hurt but nothing trippy like that. I still get pretty high though
  6. my first time was at my friends house with 5 of us. we had about 4 blunts of good mids. i was laughing so hard i spit up some coke that i was drinkin nd about an hour after that my other friend did the same thing but was in front of my friend who lived there nd he made him clean up both his nd my mess. that just made me laugh more.:smoking::smoking:

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